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Are Massachusetts Home Care Services Right for You?

Many adults in Massachusetts need help managing behaviors and daily activities. However, for some of these individuals, assisted living or nursing home facilities might not be the best fit. In these cases, personalized in-home care may provide a better option.

Adult Foster Care

Among some of the alternative at home care Massachusetts services is adult foster care. This type of in-home care is available to adults who have certain medical or psychiatric diagnoses. These adults need assistance with daily activities such as bathing and moving around the house, or with managing inappropriate behaviors.

AFC is a program funded by the federal government through Medicaid. It was created so that individuals who need ongoing supervision can receive care in a home environment, while continuing to live safely within the community. Services are provided by qualified caregivers who live with their clients.

AFC Qualifications

In order to qualify for an AFC program in Massachusetts, a client must be insured by MassHealth CommonHealth. Each must have a qualifying medical diagnosis that necessitates supervision and assistance with daily living. Upon referral to the program, clients are assessed by a care manager who develops a unique care plan for them. The manager also ensures that the client’s home meets program safety requirements. Clients must be approved for the program by their physician and must pass a criminal background check.

Caregiver Qualifications

An AFC caregiver is a thoroughly screened adult who must also pass a criminal background check and physical exam. Each is screened by a physician for medical and psychiatric impairments that could impede the ability to provide proper care. A caregiver lives in the home with the client and agrees to provide care according to the client’s care plan. Although a client’s friends and relatives qualify as caregivers, spouses and guardians do not.

Adult foster care offers a feasible option for adults who need supervised care but who prefer living in their own homes. Both prospective clients and caregivers should evaluate their qualifications prior to considering this as an option.

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