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Thoughtful Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

If a friend or family member has suffered a setback, feels under the weather or simply needs a bit of cheering up, offer a sincere show of support. While a small gift or kind gesture may not make the problem go away completely, the heartfelt effort will bring a smile to your loved one’s face and hopefully lighten the load a little.

Offer Sweet Treats

Surprise someone who needs a touch of positivity with a much-needed treat. Send a bunch of brightly-colored, sweet-smelling flowers to lighten the gloom. You can also present them with actual sweets in the form of a get well cookie bouquet as a cheerful decoration that tastes good too. If your friend is on the mend, compile a basket filled with goodies such as cheese, crackers, chocolate, popcorn and nuts that he will enjoy while spending a day with a movie streaming service.

Show Support

Call, text or send a card to your loved one to let him know you’re available in times of need. Simply listen whenever he wants to vent or be ready with a hug if he needs tenderness or a quick joke if he wants a simple distraction. Offer to assist in researching different types of professional help, however, if your friend is truly struggling with serious issues.

Lend a Hand

Aid someone who’s struggling by offering to complete mundane chores while he is recovering. Step up to cook a meal or two, babysit, go grocery shopping, clean the house or drive to doctor’s appointments, for example. Suggest an assortment of activities such as watching a movie, taking a walk or working on a craft or home improvement project to temporarily take his mind off of more difficult times.

When experiencing a rough patch, sometimes it just takes one act of kindness to begin the recovery. Find a way to be that moment of positivity that will help your loved one feel cared for, esteemed and encouraged.

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