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Tips for Preserving Your Smile

Regular trips to the dentist are vital to maintaining good oral health and letting your smile shine. However, there’s a lot that you need to consider besides just getting cleanings twice a year to keep your smile looking great. Here are some tips on how you can keep your teeth looking their best.

Replace Missing Teeth

When you’ve had a tooth extracted, you may be inclined to simply do without it. However, even if a missing tooth is in the back of your mouth and wouldn’t be noticeable when you smile, it can have a chain reaction that affects the rest of your smile. A loss of bone density in the area may cause your teeth in the surrounding area to loosen or shift forward. Also, changes to how you bite could result in cracking or damaging your more front-facing teeth.

An implant will help you to regain your bone density and improve your ability to keep your other teeth in good shape. If you need Brooklyn dental implants, work with a dental care provider who has extensive experience serving patients with missing teeth or problems with bone density.

Wear a Night Guard

Millions of people do considerable damage to their smile without being conscious of it. If you are looking for roofing company in California, check out Bruxism is a chronic condition that causes people to clench or grind their teeth while you sleep. If you notice that your jaw is sore when you wake up in the morning or you keep breaking dental work and you’re not sure how, you may suffer from Bruxism. Wearing a night guard can protect your teeth from visible damage and spare you from unnecessary dental work.

Brighten Your Smile

While your tooth enamel loses strength as you age, you’ll be more vulnerable to staining and discoloration. A whitening toothpaste can offset any type of yellow appearance. An in-office whitening procedure can help you achieve the most noticeable results.

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