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Renew Your Guitar Relationship

If you’re a guitar player, you probably have an intimate relationship with one or more of your instruments. As George Harrison said, “I’m only myself when I have a guitar in my hands.” But your fabulous-sounding guitar takes on wear over time, its sound and action degrading without regular maintenance. Replacing it is not a good option: used guitars will likely have some of the same issues yours has; new guitars are expensive and eventually will become used and develop the same issues yours has. Boston guitar repair is the best option, especially for complicated fixes.

Guitar setup involves a combination of basic maintenance and fine-tuning and should be performed regularly to address the changes your guitar goes through over time. Here are some basic setup procedures you can either do yourself or have your guitar repair shop do.

Adjust the Bridge Height

Your guitar’s action is adjusted at the bridge. If your guitar is electric, the bridge height is adjusted by turning the screws on each end of the bridge. If your guitar is acoustic, this adjustment might be more complicated and require the expertise of a repair shop.

Check the Electronics

If you hear static or popping when you turn the switches on your electric guitar, it might be time to tighten the nuts and screws that secure the guitar’s electronics. While you’re at it, check the battery and replace it, if needed.

Change the Strings

Change your guitar’s strings at regular intervals. The only tool you need is wire cutters to cut the excessive string.

Clean and Polish the Body

Keep it sparkling by polishing it regularly. Don’t forget to polish the frets!

It’s your guitar and it requires regular maintenance to keep it sounding fresh. For maintenance that is beyond your capability, find a good guitar repair shop and make the folks there your friend.

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