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Adult Foster Care?

Nothing is quite so painful as seeing the ones who used to take care of you no longer able to care for themselves. When that time comes, you will have many questions on how to proceed. Whatever happens, you want your relatives to have the best, most comfortable care possible. Depending on the situation, adult foster care (or AFC) may be the most suitable solution.

What Is Adult Foster Care?

Many people view foster care as something only for children. In fact, every state has its own adult foster care system to help the mentally or physically disabled with daily living activities. This includes many elderly people, whose age has left them unable to perform these tasks anymore. Such tasks range widely through all aspects of managing personal hygiene, housework, and more.

How Does AFC Compare With Other Options?

Most people are familiar with assisted living facilities and nursing homes, which are basically the same thing for more severe cases. These institutions handle tens or hundreds of people at a time. Adult foster care occurs in a home setting, often the client’s own residence, allowing individual patrons to receive one-on-one services tailored to their needs.

How Does One Qualify?

You can contact an adult foster care service massachusetts to see if your loved one is eligible for their state’s programs. AFC agencies will work with you on a personalized plan for your relative’s care. They can also match you with someone local to provide the services, including live-in care. If you have the time and the ability, agencies in certain states can even certify you or someone you choose to act as caregiver. This way, your loved one may be looked after by a person they already know and trust. Massachusetts grants licensed caregivers a tax-free allowance for this purpose.

Adult foster care is a good option for those with limited independence. Home services upset existing routines as little as possible, while preserving all the independence your loved one has left.

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