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Finding Options for Caregivers

It can be difficult to know the best solution for caring for aging parents or disabled siblings, especially if there are time or space constraints that make it impractical for a family member to start or continue to be the primary caretaker. Depending on an individual’s abilities and level of care needed, there are many options to keep your loved ones safe and healthy.

Adult Day Care

One of the first ideas to consider is respite care if a client primarily lives with a family member who needs a break. Adult day care may provide social interaction or health services and can often be used for short-term care or longer arrangements such as around the family’s work schedule.

Adult Foster Care

A more long-term option may be an adult foster care service Massachusetts. These live-in services allow someone who needs more personalized attention to have a caregiver who sleeps on site with just a few other residents in the home with shared facilities.

Assisted Living

For a more independent resident, assisted living services may be beneficial as they allow more of an apartment-style home while still having 24/7 attentive staff available along with social activities.  These may be a good transition for those resistant to needing extra care.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are also an option for caregiving with round-the-clock nursing capabilities for those who need the most help with daily activities including bathing, using the toilet, eating, and taking medication. Nursing homes may also have special units for Alzheimer’s patients and hospice care as well.

When preparing for advanced care for loved ones, each option requires an understanding of what your loved one’s needs and abilities demand of a caregiver. It is important to look into the services that your local care facilities provide and to understand their cost and quality before making a decision, while also understanding that your needs may change with their health.

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