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The best foods for easy digestion

It is important to include in our diet easily digestible foods but do not have any health problems, as this will avoid appearing in the future.

Eat easily digestible foods is one way to ensure your digestive system work better. The digestive system is very important for overall health.

If successful you will feel healthy and you can make your daily activities are problem. However, if you do not eat enough food easily digestible you will face problems of all kinds.

Foods for easy digestion
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Try to choose easily digested foods when you feel upset stomach. These are your best options:


Yogurt is one of the most common foods of easy digestion. This is because it is inexpensive, easy to consume and we have heard a lot about its benefits.

There are two types of yogurt that you can choose from: regular and Greek type.

Greek yoghurt is derived from regular yogurt that has removed him all the whey. This small change gives you a different consistency and flavor.

Yogurt is rich in probiotics, protein and calcium. To be sure that your yogurt really helps your digestion, choose natural options.

How to make sure the yogurt is easily digested?

It may be more appetizing a commercial yogurt that brings fruit. The problem is that these also bring sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

To ensure that your yogurt is really easy to digest purchase or prepare your own natural yogurt, low-fat or fat-free. If you want to add something sweet, choose natural fruit or honey.

Chicken breast

Another easily digestible food is breast chicken. It is high in protein and organism assimilates with ease.

Being a lean meat, the amount of fat that gives you is minimal. Some people choose to eat with skin, but if you have high triglycerides are best avoided.

This meat will bring a lot of vitamins, minerals and protein. It will make you feel satiated with less and is very simple cooking. Another advantage is that it is an economic protein.

The only drawback I could find is that it is not rich in fiber. However, this is solved accompanying some vegetable that it would be.

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How to make sure the chicken breast is easily digestible?

Baked, boiled or grilled are the best ways to prepare chicken breast. Avoid frying, as this only adds more fat in the process and can affect your stomach.

Try to serve the breast accompanied a good portion of vegetables.

Integral rice

This is one of the favorite foods of easy digestion that are also rich in fiber. Half a serving of brown rice gives you more fiber and less carbs than white rice.

Brown rice is a good remedy for indigestion, constipation, gas and diarrhea. It helps slow traffic is eliminated and allows better absorption of nutrients.

How to prepare brown rice to make it easily digestible?

You can prepare it like white rice. In fact, it would be advisable to completely replace white rice with brown.


Besides being one of the best foods for easy digestion, the salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. For these qualities you should consider it as an important part of your diet and your digestive system ally.

Although it is rich in fat, they help you improve your cardiovascular health. In addition, these fats will allow you to cook without adding others that hamper the functioning of your digestive system.

How do I prepare?

For the amount of omega 3 containing better baking, you can cook alone or with vegetables. For a fresh dish can accompany a salad.


Oatmeal is one of the easily digestible foods that will help you start your day. Add a cup of cooked oatmeal to your breakfast and functioning of your digestive system will be perfect throughout the day.

The fiber containing the oats is responsible for it so easy to digest. It also lowers blood cholesterol, which is a very positive effect.

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How to make sure oats maintains its characteristic easily digestible?

The most important thing is to avoid instant oatmeal packages that come in different flavors. While it is still oats, the problem is that it is accompanied by sweeteners and preservatives.

The best alternative is to prepare natural oats at home. You only need chips; you can buy per kilo at any store or supermarket.

You can prepare it with milk or water and a little cinnamon or brown sugar and honey.


Eggs are one of the best foods for easy digestion. There are few reasons why someone could not eat eggs.

Its first advantage is that they are very economical. Moreover, they are easy to prepare and can be combined with a lot of vegetables.

Contrary to popular belief, both the yolk and the clear are very nutritious and healthy. Both are rich in protein and minerals.

The most common hen eggs are but any type of egg is equally beneficial. Of course, some are slightly more expensive, such as duck.

The best way to prepare eggs

Boiled and scrambled options are easier digestion. Fried eggs are the least recommended option, since oil makes them difficult to digest.

With these alternatives easily digestible foods you can help your stomach, especially when you feel too affected by poor diet.

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