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Natural remedies for cavities

Cavities can affect teeth around the world so it is vital to know the causes that produce them and know how to combat them.

What are cavities?

Tooth decay is an infectious disease characterized by the destruction of the hard tissues of the tooth. The consequence is a demineralization by acids generated by plaque bacteria from the ingestion of carbohydrates.

The plaque is a series of bacteria that accumulate in the mouth, they are deposited on the teeth and mucosa of the mouth and cause diseases such as tooth decay and gum inflammation.

Natural remedies for cavities
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Plaque begins to accumulate on teeth within 30 minutes after eating food, which is this time where bacteria have more life. That’s why we have to brush our teeth to remove plaque just after eating any food especially sugars.

If the decay is not treated, it can get from the enamel to the dentine reaching its final journey to the pulp where it causes inflammation which is called pulpitis.

This whole process causes the end excruciating and unbearable pain if remedy is not put just the removal of part or parts affected.

Why cavities occur?

The causes of the appearance of caries can be varied, but one of the most important is the lack of tooth brushing.

  • For good dental hygiene you have to brush your teeth after every meal, especially at night when we sleep it is when microbes exploit to damage teeth. Go to the dentist regularly and to act at the first symptoms.
  • Food plays an important role in the development of caries. The consumption of sweets (candy), candy, chocolate, ice cream, cakes, pastries, sugary soft drinks and all foods containing sugar, carbohydrates are the most responsible for tooth decay as long as the ingest do not wash us teeth.
  • Some medications (especially some to treat asthma) can also promote tooth decay.Alter the pH and cause acid saliva which promotes enamel erosion which in turn allows passage of the bacteria that cause cavities.
  • Certain hormonal changes (especially during pregnancy) can also trigger tooth decay.

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Natural remedies for cavities

The extract Propolis is very effective as a pain reliever (analgesic effect) and fights infection. If we suffer toothache and cannot go to the dentist right away what we can do it is get one clove cooking soaked and wrapped with gauze at the wheel we have pain, anger minutes disappearing in some severe pain.

If we had Clove, we tried with raw onion, putting a small piece in the affected tooth relieves pain. As both prevention cloves and onions are great to destroy the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Herbal or medicinal plants for cavities

  • Thyme: Mouthwashes thyme every day as mouthwash and if you are prone to decay after each brushing.
  • Green Tea: Infusions of green tea have antibacterial effect and also contain fluoride which strengthens tooth enamel.
  • Black tea: Tea of black tea for its many beneficial for our teeth fluoride.
  • Laurel: Aromatic oil laurel can fight bacteria in dental plaque, in some toothpaste essential oils there are bay.
  • Bergamot: Prevents cavities and contain thymol, which is a natural antiseptic is great for mouthwashes.
  • The Neem: It is a tree of India whose extract has been used in toothpaste to prevent or fight cavities and all kinds of mouth infections.

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Adequate food or diet therapy

It is very important the role that makes food in caries prevention. To prevent the occurrence of caries is essential to drink plenty raw vegetables. A fasting apple clean teeth, strengthens the gums, provides vitamins and also prevents cavities.

Lime as a carrier for vitamin C is ideal to avoid bleeding gums and maintenance of bones of the body including the teeth. Recall that in general we are to avoid the most sugary and processed foods.

Homeopathy and decay

  • Aconitum: In cases of pain, anxiety and insomnia associated with caries.
  • Calcarea Fluorica: If there toothache
  • Homeopathy: Can do very well in chronic or recurring decay cases because it helps to change the constitution or tendency of the patient.

Trace elements are always useful in case of decay since, like homeopathy; tend to correct the “field” of the patient. In addition to the trace element Fluor take Manganese, Manganese-Copper, Manganese-Cobalt or Copper-Gold-Silver depending on the case.

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