Original features for training that can help you get results

When working the body we not only have at our disposal bulky gym machines or dumbbells and barbells, but then we show that there are other original elements to train you can use them to make progress and see results.

Original features
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Commercial elements to work the body

Besides the classic dumbbells, medicine balls and other commercial items that are frequently used to work the body, here we list other original options with their single use can innovate your routine:

  • T- bow: A bow wood or plastic on which we can rely on a stable or unstable if we put its curved side on the floor. It is helpful to work on instability and thus prevent injuries or gain in coordination and balance while strengthening the body.
  • Core- board: It consists of a platform that can rotate and tilt in all directions, by allowing an unstable training request contraction middle of the body and also allow you to work with various exercises on it.
  • Airdisc: As the name implies, is an inflated air disco, widely used in physical therapy can also be used to train the body, just stand on it and try to keep stable is a challenge, so you can help us see results to innovate and demand more effort to our body.
  • Gripbell: They are a mixture of Russian heavy dumbbell possessing five attachment points and therefore are ideal for greater variety of movements, especially functional type. They are of different sizes and weights and allow great versatility and security for dolls. This item is not yet on sale but given the success of your project in Indiegogo, surely soon be with us and we can use it to train.

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Household items to train

In addition to the previously mentioned commercial elements, we can go to household items to work the body wherever we are and add intensity to the exercises.

Some original features that can be found at home and used to train are:

  • Skate: If you have an old skate at home can be an excellent element to work on instability and vary your routine, because not only can be used as a bearing surface but also as load, allowing different exercises and a versatile workout.
  • Chair: Not only to sit we can use this element, but also to lift, support both feet and arms and with many more alternatives that will work the body.
  • Towels: You used to pull them or move on the ground without these complications elements can be helpful and allow work isometric contraction having no elasticity in its structure.
  • Bags: Power charging and not have a solid structure, we can use the bags for bodybuilding exercises also have some instability, so we can work beyond the muscles in specific exercises, the average area of the body.

In addition to these household items have many other options to train without using dumbbells or classic gym machines that will demand a different effort to our body as well as more intensity and will be helpful to get results.

Why change the equipment?

Although the dumbbells, bars and machines can give us great results, it is known that innovate routine can be the key to not stagnate and make progress.

Therefore, a good way to change the exercises and / or embodiment, and thus give variety to the training to see results is to incorporate new elements or change them by others who demand a different strain our muscles.

You know, if you want a help to get results, these original elements can be useful to get fit for the summer.

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