Little known benefits of practicing CrossFit

In addition to being a comprehensive exercise that whole body exercise, thanks to the practice of CrossFit gets accelerate our metabolism and we can continue to burn calories long after you leave the gym.

The CrossFit is fashionable nobody can deny. This type of training, which emerged in the United States, has been around the world and is practiced in many countries.

There are even competitions are televised. Learn a little more about this type of training that began in the police and is now available for everyone.

What to know about the CrossFit?

It is a mode that combines on one hand the military training and other fitness .And increasingly adds more followers!

This is because it offers excellent short-term results, perfect to burn off the calories we consumed for a long time.

Image Source: Google Image
Image Source: Google Image

A session consists of jumps, push-ups, weight lifting, running and more. It is undoubtedly very energetic and aims to increase physical abilities.

The creator of this technique is called Greg Glassman and began using it in 2001 to train a group of policemen from California (United States). Then it spreads to the marina, firefighters and the military.

Later, it became a discipline for all those who were not in an armed force.

It is so effective that many groups of athletes (for example, rugby players) use CrossFit to train. In this case, they combine good nutrition and proper rest, as it should do when performing any sport .

Advantages of practicing CrossFit

By starting with such high intensity training not only burn fat, but also:

You will improve your aerobic capacity

You’ll increase pulmonary resistance to better perform other activities. Already you will not get tired when you want to run to catch the bus! It is estimated that improves aerobic capacity by 10%.

You will lose weight

At 10 weeks of training CrossFit become slim to 4% of your body weight, so it is ideal for those who are overweight or obese and for those who want to lose “those extra kilos.”

You will eliminate fat

The percentage of body fat will be reduced considerably (between 13 and 19%) when practicing this discipline for 2 and a half months.

You’ll increase lean body mass

This is much more visible in women, but the effects are interesting in both sexes. Lean mass is shown to burn fat.

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You will work all muscle groups

Unlike what happens with other exercise routines (for example, weight lifting), the CrossFit performs comprehensive movements, working the whole body. It is certainly a very full year.

You will achieve your goals in less time

Thanks to a training routine like this you can increase the effectiveness of exercise. If you’ve tried with other disciplines and have not gotten what you wanted, perhaps the CrossFit you can help.

You will accelerate your metabolism and you will continue to burn calories long after you leave the gym.

You’ll have more strength

If you can never open a jar, if it costs you carry a heavy bag or if you have no strength to use a tool, with the CrossFit that will be part of the past. You’ll have more muscle tone and the ability to improve your daily life.

You sterilization your figure

If you’re looking to have a splendid body for July or August vacation begins as soon as possible. It is estimated that at 8 weeks have accomplished a figure that will be the envy of everyone on the beach.

The negative part of the CrossFit has to do with injuries, so you need to follow to the letter the coach and go explanations paced, regardless of the other partners.

Many make the mistake of trying to lift a lot of weight on the first day or do 200 pushups in the first class and that is harmful to health.

A good number of those who practice CrossFit incorrectly have suffered injuries (mild to severe). The same percentage of injured athletes seen in the traditional weight lifting, but lower than in some contact sports such as, for example, rugby.

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