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Medical Marijuana Uses and Benefits

Anyone in pain or who has a chronic condition knows the effects it can have on your relationships, moods and productivity. It can make even the smallest of tasks seem insurmountable. Fortunately, the government has recognized the benefits and relief medical marijuana can provide. The following are common conditions treated by the drug.

Chronic Pain

A recent study showed that the majority of people using medical marijuana were doing so in order to get relief from chronic pain. Whether due to a previous injury or untreatable cause, millions of Americans are living in some sort of recurring pain. With good reason, many are hesitant to try relief using prescribed opioids for fear of not being able to stop taking them. For this reason, medical marijuana St Augustine FL is a viable and effective alternative.


In the first approval of its kind, the FDA has agreed that medical marijuana is effective in treating several types of epilepsy. It has been found to reduce the number and intensity of seizures in some cases. For families with children suffering from severe forms of the disease, it is a good option to otherwise treatment-resistant ailments.


In this condition, women are often in intense pain during their menstrual period. Because the pain is more severe at certain times and not others, medical marijuana is a good treatment option. In tandem with a doctor monitoring the condition and its progression, marijuana is often very effective.

Medical marijuana is used to treat dozens of conditions, and it can be a long-awaited answer for many. If you are in a state with legalized medical marijuana and have pain, this might be a viable option for you. Make it a point to discuss the benefits with your doctor, and you might be one of millions experiencing relief through its uses.

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