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Good foods for memory

To improve memory, encourage their development and, above all, prevent deterioration, it is appropriate to include in our diet fresh foods that provide us antioxidants and other protective nutrients.

There are many ways of trying to cherish the memory. And, of course, apart from exercising that freedom it is no more help from a number of foods that can make your retentive capacity improves significantly.

Take note of which ones, thanks to its components, will become your best allies to improve your memory, which is essential especially if you are studying.

If we give our brain the nutrients it needs, in addition to aid memory, we can prevent a number of diseases related to it such as the Alzheimer’s disease.

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits you’ll find in these foods; it is worth that you have in mind.

foods for memory
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Broccoli and spinach for memory

Broccoli and spinach are two of the most recommended foods to boost memory, but in general, the green vegetable is highly recommended for this purpose.

It is shown that are products that help memory and also are capable of increasing longevity, thanks to the contributions of antioxidants, flavonoid and sulforafanos, having neuroprotective and anticancer properties.

Blue Fish

Bluefish in all its forms is one of the groups recommended to enhance memory food. Among these fish are sardines, tuna, salmon, trout and mackerel. It is rich in phosphorus, one of the key substances for membranes of neurons.

However, bluefish properties related to memory beyond. And this kind of food also contains omega-3, which protects against progressive cognitive impairment and is able to act against neurodegenerative diseases. Do not forget to take oily fish at least twice a week.


The nuts are not only delicious, but they are one of the most complete and largest food properties.

They are rich in Omega 3, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin E and B vitamins, one of the foods that help the cerebrovascular system and that cannot miss in your daily diet.

Thanks to compounds such as polyphenols, are able to delay aging of neurons by acting against free radicals that can cause stress.

The nut that can best help your memory is the nut, but all can be good to boost your cognitive ability and help the smooth functioning of the brain.

Blueberries and apples

Fruit in general, and red in particular also be a perfect ally for your memory. In the case of cranberries and apples we can say that products are rich in vitamin C, folic acid, minerals and antioxidants, which are perfect for maintaining healthy memory.

And thanks to flavonoids and polyphenols are products that antioxidants become perfect, able to improve cognitive functions and combat cellular oxidation, thus delaying the degenerative diseases that may develop.

Whole-grain foods

Whole foods are also highly recommended for your memory. And it is that these products are rich in folic acid and vitamin B6, which help the brain remains in perfect condition.

Moreover, as provide fiber, you can better control your blood sugar and blood cholesterol, which is essential to measure brain health.

It is best that such foods from being 50% of our daily diet. If you keep this balance, you’ll notice how it improves your concentration and performance in stages that offer mental effort, in addition to combat stress much better.


Coffee, as long as you do not take in excess, can help improve concentration and memory. It is best to take up to two cups of coffee a day, but in no case exceed this amount.

Also, it is not advisable to take coffee up to eight hours before bedtime. As you can see, there are many foods you eat in your day to day and can help you improve not only your memory, but also the health of your brain.

Enter these foods to your diet and you’ll notice how your cognitive ability is gradually improving. You’ll feel much better. For more visit

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