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How to protect against the cold: Behaviors and healthy habits to prevent contractures and muscle aches

Sprains, muscle aches and contractures are just some of the problems caused by cold. Yet there are behaviors and habits that can minimize the impact of the cold weather here is the strategic moves to avoid being caught unprepared by the cold weather and the fullest

Often the impact of the cold season may be problematic: our body is unprepared for cold weather and to change habits that had been abandoned for several months. Thus, it is possible that at the very first cold you come across powerful colds, contractures and muscle tension due to the unexpected air strikes or various cracks rather annoying. But there are some strategic moves that you can take to avoid the hassles of the winter season and addressing various spheres of our life: from power to clothing, to the domestic habits and personal care. Here are some valuable advice to avoid being caught unprepared by the cold weather and the fullest without getting knock.

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Cold contractures: Methods to avoid muscle strain

It often happens that with the cold season you accuse of contractures in the muscles mainly due to air strikes or too violent swings of temperature. How many times, even just to late autumn, we keep it fresh by freezing temperatures, having no scarf, hat or the right clothes? And here I coming back pains, neck pains and various ailments. Cover themselves properly is indeed one of the first rules to protect from the winter cold. But that’s not all! Here are some healthy habit to follow to better face the cold season and avoid muscle tension and contractures:

  • With the arrival of cold weather, it would be good to return to wear the shirt of health: although it may seem like a habit not a useful or fashion, the classic tank top cotton is a great way to isolate the body from the cold, protecting the stomach, back and lumbar area, among the most delicate and exposed parts.
  • Considering that one of the main causes the onset of seasonal ailments is represented by the violent swings in temperature which is subjected to continuous, to dress “in onion” is always a winning strategic move. Dress in layers makes it possible to adjust according to the internal temperature where you stop and avoid suffering excessive heat and then suffer the violent rush with cold hard exterior.
  • Choose shoes with soles that act as insulators. Do not underestimate the importance of having the footwear suitable for the winter season: have warm feet allows you to feel less cold feeling throughout the body.
  • Try to avoid standing for too long in the vicinity of windows, especially if you have drafts, often causes pain in the neck, the neck and back; in these cases try to lock them with the use of bearings or insulating tapes.
  • If you do outdoor sports activities, prematurity to show off the right protective clothing.
  • Remember not to go out or go to bed with wet hair: in these cases would be a stiff neck or cervical warranty.
  • When you do physical activity indoors, remember not to go outside the sweaty or not completely dry: cover especially the neck and head, otherwise accuse the rush and you will be subject to ironing and contractions.

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How to deal with muscle strains and contractures cold: Heat therapy and other remedies

But if the cold will cause contractures and muscle tensions of various kinds, you can use simple methods to reduce the discomfort and facilitate muscle relaxation. The thermotherapy, which exploits the use of the heat for therapeutic purposes, is one of these. The heat in fact, increasing blood flow at the point of application, and therefore the supply of oxygen to tissues, helps reduce joint stiffness or muscle spasm, providing pain relief. One of the commonest use of heat therapy is represented for example by skin patches or self-heating bands that act directly on the affected part from pain.

There are other remedies that can come to your help in such cases, the various relaxation techniques – including massages, yoga and pilates, all methods perfect for relaxing muscles – up to relaxing baths with baking soda or ointments made with arnica, chili cayenne or other herbs from the properties revulsive. In general, however, remember that it is not only cool to have an impact on the body and cause inflammation and muscle contractual varied; a key role is also played by stress, which causes tensions and strains psychosomatic.

Often it happens that the physical problem is psychological in origin: in these cases it is necessary to recover a bit of serenity and ease tension. As? With the methods you prefer and that the more congenial to you: devote yourself to your favorite pastimes, organized outings with close friends, practice sports or relaxation techniques such as yoga; Set aside short moments for you that allow you to completely disconnect from routine and daily obligations and recharge. One of the most common mistakes is to underestimate the power of stress and the effects it has on our physical and quality of life.

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