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Natural remedies to relieve symptoms of colds

Stuffy nose, watery eyes and a terrible headache: the symptoms of the common cold are well known to anyone who saw it, at least once a year; it is affected by this annoying disease.

The cooling respiratory viruses enter cells of the nose, the break and the subsequent release of irritating and inflammatory substances causes the annoying symptoms that we all know. If you are debilitated and with lowered immune defenses can be especially cruel or recur often during the season. But how to counter its effects using natural remedies?

Natural remedies
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The wet socks

Popular ancient wisdom advise wet socks: we begin with a warm foot bath, we dry the feet with care, wear a pair of cotton socks dipped slightly in cold water wring it well, then put on a pair of wool socks. Maximum effectiveness – as it may seem absurd – can be reached by going to bed and allowing yourself a refreshing rest. To increase the benefits of the footbath add a few drops of essential oil, preferably eucalyptus or peppermint; if the cough is persistent and prevents sleep opt for Lavender, which is calming.

Natural remedies for tradition

In Asia to prevent colds using chewing of fresh ginger root at least three times a day. When the disease has already begun pouring into a cup of hot water on the tip of a teaspoon of ginger powder and a couple of teaspoons of honey. The drink has an excellent expectorant and febrifuge action.

In India, against colds, is used to prepare a beverage prepared by pouring a liter of hot water into a cup containing tamarind pulp. It closes well and leave to infuse for 2-3 hours.

Then it was filtered and adds the honey is diluted with a little water. It assumes more times during the day.

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In Arab countries is preparing a compound for gargling by boiling for about twenty minutes, in 650ml of water, the dried rind of pomegranate. Then filtered and used as usual for gargle against sore throats and colds.

In Greece they are cooked in the steam figs with honey and lemon and assumes spoons the mixture during the day, while in Finland is reduced in pureed grapes ursina boiled and then mixed with honey and assumes during the day. It seems that the remedy has got a great flavor!

Small measures to prevent colds

Remain the usual precautions are always valid : if it is cold, to prevent its occurrence, it is good when you’re outdoors wear a scarf to cover your nose and mouth to block the roads to access virus and bacteria, but especially to avoid that the too cold air hit her face and throat.

The most useful thing in any case, is frequent hand washing. The cold virus in fact is spread by physical contact, especially among children who gather at school and that, touching the eyes and mouth, then pass it to those who still has not cooled, but will be soon … including parents and siblings. Wash hands frequently with soap, it helps to limit contagion.

And then ahead also to prevention with vitamin C which is rich in fruits and vegetables such as citrus fruits, kiwis, tomatoes and peppers.

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