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Natural Remedies for Back Pain

Back pain (the correct term is “low back pain”) is a common disorder that afflicts many people, of all ages and social status.

The causes can be many: bad lifestyle habits (physical inactivity, overweight, unfit mattress, poor posture), anxiety and stress, trauma such as whiplash, pathologies of the spine (scoliosis, sciatica etc.), the practice of some sports.

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Let’s see some effective remedies to combat this disorder…

  • Avoid sudden movements and avoid lifting heavy loads.
  • Practice regular sport and physical activity. Preferred toning exercises and stretching, to be associated with moderate aerobic activity.
  • Keeping your ideal weight: Obesity is in fact one of the major risk factors for back pain.
  • In case the pain is due to a sudden trauma like the witch shot, it is crucial the absolute rest for 12-48 hours. Do not exceed this period of time since an excessive rest can even worsen the situation because the muscles tends to weaken.
  • Avoid as much as possible fresh shots (it is preferable to dress in layers in the winter period, to avoid extreme temperature changes).
  • Undergo deconstructing massages given by experienced staff.
  • Hot packs are an effective remedy against pain. Try to apply on the sore lower back an adhesive that allows to maintain a comfortable temperature for 8 hours. The heat in fact has a natural analgesic effect immediately pupil pain. It can also be helpful to wear a lap belt designed as a back support or to accommodate the envelope hot / cold gel.
  • For women, try not often wear high-heeled shoes: it is better to wear comfortable shoes suitable to life every day.
  • If the cause of the pain is an incorrect position, try to come closer to yoga: this discipline it has a positive effect on the spine, making it more elastic.
  • It is important to understand what the causes of your back pain are. If symptoms persist, contact a specialist to understand what might be the most effective therapy.

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Nature also provides us with the alternatives against low back pain…

Ginger: If the cause of back pain is associated with an inflammatory state, the ginger root is one of the most effective remedies because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Try to prepare a decoction made from ginger root, cut a small piece of root into thin slices, then bringing them to a boil for about 30 minutes. Before drinking, strain and let cool the liquid obtained.

Arnica: Another viable alternative due to its anti-inflammatory power. It can be found in the form of capsules to be taken orally or as ointment for spreading and massaging on the affected part.

Elderberry: Dried elderberry flowers can be used for the preparation of herbal teas can relieve back pain.

Lavender: Essential oil of lavender is one of the most popular due to its relaxing properties. It can be used to make massage and to facilitate ease tensions.

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