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Natural remedies for puffy eyelids

Improve swollen eyelids with tricks and easy home remedies do in your everyday life regardless of the cause of your problem.

Eyelid skin is the most delicate of our body. Its constant activity and the fact of being very exposed to external agents (such as the sun or pollution) make it more susceptible to damage, to sagging, to bags and infections.

What is a swollen eyelid?

An eyelid is swollen when we look at one or both eyes, an obvious increase in size and thickness. Sometimes, it can also cause redness or difficulty in vision.

Inflammation creates fluid accumulation and fat around the eye sockets. It can be timely and not of greater problem or bags can be made almost indefinitely.

puffy eyelids
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Causes swollen eyelids

Multiple factors of this disease or problem. The most common are:

  • Allergies: Especially those arising from environmental factors. The eyelids swell to a blockage occur in the glands.
  • Unhealthy habits, among those entering the lack of sleep, poor diet, lack of vitamin A (very rare in Western diets), excess condiments on the menu, long days reading or working at the computer.
  • Edema produced by improper hydration and resolves with something as easy as drinking about two liters of water.
  • Fat around the eyes: In the eyelids are fatty compartments, two on the top and three on the bottom. Said fat is subject by ligaments and orbicular is muscle. If these structures are weakened, this liquid protrudes producing the bag.
  • The genetic tendency and proper effects of aging are the most common factors for the appearance of the bags.
  • Inflammation (blepharitis) produced by an alteration in the functioning of the glands in the area.
  • Swollen eyelids may also occur in cases of kidney problems, thyroid imbalances or heart problems.

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Tips and tricks to improve swollen eyelids

When no question of an inflammation resulting from disease or allergies should come whose treatment prescribed by a specialist, if there are habits that we can take to improve the appearance of puffy eyelids. Aim:

  • Sleep 6 to 8 hours daily. Lack of sleep causes swelling and redness of the eyes.
  • Drink at least two liters of water.
  • Do not rub eyes.
  • Blink often to relax your eyes.
  • Eye exercises like looking up, down, right and left. Perform this movement, unless, tid.

Home remedies for puffy eyelids

The application of cold compresses with masks of natural products is a great solution. Aim the following recipes with products from your pantry or refrigerator.

  • Cucumber, either sliced directly into the eyes or preparing a dough with a peeled cucumber and a little water. Apply the ointment with a cold gauze 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Potatoes, following the instructions above.
  • Manzanilla by bags worn over your ice cold eyes. You can alternate this treatment with black tea and green tea. Remember that chamomile is contraindicated in case of allergy present.
  • Cold milk – soaked cotton or gauze and applied in inflamed areas.
  • Honey smeared on the eyelids to remove then with water.

If your problem is temporary, with these simple recipes you can quickly and easily solve the issue.

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