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Headache: 5 positive things that only the sufferer is fortunate to live

If you suffer or have suffered from headaches, surely you have experienced one or more of these situations. We begin to look at them with a different eye, because we can combat the difficulties.

It happens to everyone to have a little headache but statistics tell us of an important fact: of the 25 million people who suffer from it, 57% are women and 43% men. There are remedies, of course, how to know what to eat in those moments. For example foods like these can be a great help when you have a headache …

But let’s face it, sometimes laugh about it can help you share a problem that not everyone can understand. Why isolate themselves in their own world, when you are ill, it does not lead anywhere. So let’s see together the five positive things that only suffers from headaches is lucky enough to live.

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1. You can often celebrate your love affair … with the bed!

Are you doing some shopping, you’re dancing, you’re at your desk, eat ice cream, drink coffee, read. Whatever the starting point, comes the cycle while the headache and you could easily jump ship and go straight to the objective: the bed. Because headaches when it comes, it comes, and in those moments the pillow is the only bed that looks can understand. He is our love, he is always faithful, he makes us company at such times and never leave us!

2. Do you believe a genius, a person that is very bright and very often

We are tired, weary and sad when we have headaches and cycle, and we certainly have no desire to hear ducks quacking around us. If an ambulance passes, we close our eyes to not go crazy; if the desk near raises his voice, there tapping ears gently. But if you think about it, are all gestures of those who want to focus and who is to give birth to the idea of the century! It is beneficial, no?

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3. You look like a diva simply because you can never take away your sunglasses

The light is a real enemy for those suffering from headaches. Hell comes when the light is white, strong and penetrating. Then the headache is assured. And there are triggered sunglasses, as the best dive, accompany us everywhere. The next morning at work, at the supermarket, at the gym, and, eventually, if all goes wrong in the cinema. You want to put that chic look we can have?

4. Other than Queen Elizabeth, you are the champion of hats

Cold, hot, no wind, the humidity decreases, whatever the weather conditions the hat can save your life if you suffer from headaches. It is useless to deny that sometimes it is also used to go to bed “because so head” keeps me warm. Result? The Queen Elizabeth will disappear from the memory of our friends when it comes to hats and the podium is up to us, as few stylish! Hello, hello Elizabeth!

5. People start to believe that you know teleport

Everyone starts to have fun, get to your own tunes or just missing the sweet best in the world. Friends are happy and have fun but get them cycle and sore head in hand! If things do not go as they should, they look like a weasel’s way more feasible escape and within minutes you put on the famous hat and you’re arriving home. In doing so, let in the heart of a huge void that people reflected in the pile of messages and calls which of course you’ll see the next day! You’re the mystery personified!

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