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Causes of male diseases

The woman in front of his men used to be weak and brittle feel to him like a stone wall. But sometimes it happens that the strong men are sick. And they do not like to talk about these diseases, because the affected male genital. Causes of male diseases can be very different. Let us consider in detail.

Inflammatory diseases

Men of any age are not immune from any kind of inflammation. And they can cause a failure to comply with the basic rules of personal hygiene. With regular colds, when obtained in the process of sexual intercourse micro traumas genital inflammation can occur too. An important role in the health of men is underwear.

male diseases
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Inflammatory diseases manifest a number of unpleasant symptoms such as pain, burning and itching. If you ignore the inflammatory processes and in time not to seek help from a specialist, you may come infertility and possible sexual dysfunction.

Inflammatory processes may affect various parts of the reproductive system. When inflamed urethra urethritis, cystitis affects the bladder, balanoposthitis is characterized by inflammation of the glans penis and foreskin, with orchitis testicular inflammation occurs when he becomes inflamed epididymitis.

Among all inflammatory diseases common inflammation of the prostate or prostate. It is the cause of circulatory disorders of the prostate gland and stagnant processes secret in its ducts. When stagnant process creates a beneficial environment for pathogens and the result is inflammation of the smoldering kind.

Since the development of prostatitis occurs accompanied by subtle symptoms, many men do not pay some discomfort in the perineum, as well as the difficulty or frequent urination. The emergence of sometimes scarce discharge from the urethra and not frighten them. And in vain, because chronic prostatitis – a constant source of infection and the kidneys can be affected when even a slight decrease in immunity, testicles with appendages and bladder. If you do not treat prostatitis, the effect of disease-causing microbes living in the prostate, affect the quality of sperm, and this, in turn, threatens to infertility.

The most common reason for the emergence and development of prostatitis is a sedentary lifestyle that take place regularly sex, the presence of frequent stressful situations, hormonal disruptions, availability of unhealthy habits.

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Benign prostatic hyperplasia

Among male diseases, BPH ranked second. Develops due to hormonal disorders. It affects men after the age of 40 years. When it adenoma of prostate epithelium had grown with nodes compresses the urethra, resulting in disturbed flow of urine to form kidney stones, kidney failure develops, disrupted erection and ejaculation.

Male sexual disorders

Very often sexual disorders men have been trying to discover the reasons for the resulting problems. To the doctor to address not all. And, in fact, as there are many disorders, and there is a great variety of reasons.

When is the lack or loss of sexual desire, erection problem, the occurrence of pain during intercourse, premature ejaculation, you should immediately consult an experienced specialist. Sexual dysfunction can appear the same, but may have different causes. The true reason may establish only an experienced specialist.

Infections, tumors, and injuries of the urogenital area often cause sexual dysfunction. Abuse of alcohol, drugs, nicotine, as the body will not bring benefits. This includes medication, psychological problems, hormonal disruptions.

Despite the fact that the male has a large number of diseases, they are all equally require timely treatment to the urologist; it will help to avoid many complications.

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