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Tips for Insomnia: How to Overcome

Insomnia is one of the main reasons for consultation in primary care. Its negative effects on health are numerous and include symptoms such as daytime fatigue, decreased attention, drowsiness, irritability, tension, depressed mood, headaches, gastrointestinal discomfort or general muscle aches and others. Sleep is essential to repair many body functions, so that people, who sleep well, tend to have better health than those who sleep badly. 
With doctors and patients often opted for the fast track to tackle it, the sleeping pills (anxiolytic and hypnotics) without asking what’s going on in my life so that I cannot sleep. What things, concerns or situations are “losing sleep” me? What or drink as the day you do not let me sleep at night? And missing a great opportunity to listen and make changes in our lives. In most cases insomnia improve with better sleep hygiene, cognitive – behavioral techniques and relaxation (meditation or mindfulness)and of course solving the reasons not let us sleep., Otherwise the problem is perpetuated in the form of insomnia chronic. They will be many things to say insomnia, today I will only leave you brushstrokes and techniques to improve sleep without using pills.

Tips for Insomnia

How many hours sleep you do missing?

The first trap we encountered in evaluating insomnia is the typical question how many hours there to sleep? The answer is simple, the hours needed to feel rested the next day and to make a normal life without resorting to exciting. The exact number varies from person to person and depends on the age. For example, a baby can spend 18 hours asleep each day, a child 12 adult has enough with 7-9 and an old man can be enough 5-6 hours of sleep. With age, sleep needs decrease but in some cases also decreases the quality of sleep for brain aging and because they have poor sleep habits consolidated taken for years. It is therefore important to start taking care our dream from now.

Besides sleep quality influences the amount of hours needed to feel rested. If good quality, between 6 and 8 hours will be sufficient. If bad will need more, up to 9 hours.

In simplified form, there are two types of people, who sleep well whatever they do and take what they are made, and that the minimum were disrupts sleep (a schedule change, a personal problem, a coffee or tea in the afternoon, an evening out, noise, light …) this is due on one hand to genetic and brain development, producing a state of basal arousal higher (aurunsal) factors and on the other conditions and factors cognitive (mental, of thinking) (bad) learned over the years, on which we can act.

Treatment of insomnia: natural remedies and medicines

  • If you choose to take something to sleep, starts with plants or relaxing infusions of valerian, linden, lemon balm, passionflower, orange blossom, lemon verbena, chamomile or poppy. Are preferred preparations mixed several as they are more effective (e.g. valerian, shortbread and hawthorn white). You can take them too if you wake up at night and cannot go back to sleep, because they will not give you a hangover the next day as sleeping pills. Trust that the treatment will be effective induces a state of relaxation that help you sleep better. It is the inherent placebo effect to any treatment, although the ideal is not having to rely on any pills, however natural it is, and get only with our minds thinking and feeling “tonight I will sleep well” instead of “you’ll see I cannot sleep a wink. “
  • Melatonin may be effective in some cases, especially in schedule changes and in some cases of insomnia in the elderly. We’ll talk about it another day.
  • Theanxiolytics and hypnotics should be used only for short periods of time, maximum 2-4 weeks and neck more than 1 month in a row. From 1 month risk of dependence is much higher. If you are chronic anxiolytic and hypnotics user, talk to your doctor to go reducing them gradually or tries not to consume daily, there are people who can relax on weekends or days you do not have to get up early, as their long-term consumption it is associated with multiple side effects, including with memory loss, depression, fatigue, increased falls and accidents and lately it is linking them with higher incidence of dementia. Of all sleeping pills like legit etizest pills. Talk to your doctor or psychologist to begin the process of detoxification. It should include cognitive behavioral psychological therapy to make it easier and more effective process, and in some cases other temporary treatments may be necessary. Visit for more about this magical drug.
  • The use of homeopathy as a treatment for insomnia is controversial, but it can be a useful option in suggestible or insomnia self – generated by the very concern of not sleeping people. If you are interested see the entry Does homeopathy to treat insomnia?

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