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How to Reinforce Classroom Teachings at Home

Many parents make the common mistake of expecting the school teacher to be responsible for the total education of their child. Truthfully, the education process starts at home. When a child goes to school, they learn new concepts. The teacher sends them home with homework and the parent should then reinforce what a child is learning in school. While many parents may be busy with work and other responsibilities, children should always come first. If you’re looking for ways to make sure your child’s education is reinforced at home, there are a few strategies to consider.

1. Reviewing Homework
If you know that your child receives homework every single night, it is your job to look over it. It is important to make sure the homework is completed. It’s also important to make sure the homework is completed correctly. If the work isn’t correct, give your child a little grace and work with them. As you work with your child, you’ll start to see where their strong and weak points are.

2. Educational Material
Contact the child’s teacher and find out if there are any supplemental workbooks and educational material that could help reinforce what they’re learning in school. Look for different tutorials on YouTube that share the same educational concepts. If there is a fun tv show or iPad game that teaches the educational concepts, encourage your child to use these materials. Once they get into the habit of having fun with their work, the more likely they are to master the concepts.

3. Extra-curricular Field Trips and Activities
Do your research on the internet to see what activities are out there to support what your child is learning in school. If your child is learning about anatomy, consider buying a few posters of the human body. It would be fun to find a retailer that sells kids lab coats and first aid kits to get hands-on experience. If your child is struggling with their history homework, take them to the local museum for a field trip. It might help their history lesson come to life in a different and more memorable way.

It’s all about being flexible, willing and spontaneous. You have to be dedicated to helping your child succeed. The more a child knows they’re supported and that someone believes in them, the more likely they’re going to succeed. Don’t leave the heavy lifting to the teacher. Stand by your child and help them soar.

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