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As in the water, so help you the different styles of swimming

Swimming and exercise in water are one of the best options to work our basic physical abilities reducing the risk of injury.

One of the most recommended by doctors and coaches, and very attractive especially in the summer months, sports is swimming. It is a sport that can play anyone, regardless of age and sex, adaptable to all physical conditions and we can bring many benefits for both our body and our mind. Have you thought about starting to swim this summer?

The benefits of exercise in water

Swimming and water sports such as water aerobics are ideal sports for all ages and also is a good complementary exercise for athletes who perform other types of training. The exercises in the water improve all of our basic physical abilities (strength, endurance, flexibility …) and help us develop other specific capabilities such as body control, coordination and agility. Water sports are usually very complete: help us exercise the whole body, touching all muscle groups and also help us to increase caloric expenditure.

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Why exercise in the water is one of the most recommended ways of training? It’s simple: in the water the weight of our body decreases and the training we do is low impact. This our joints, which do not suffer as much as they do with other more aggressive to them such as the sports benefit weight training or running. Water gives us the ability to perform work force and resistance with a risk of injury much lower than in other sports.

Through swimming we Invigorate not only our muscles, but also greatly increase our cardiopulmonary capacity (important for improvement in other aerobic sports such as the running or cycling) and improve our circulation.

The different styles of swimming and its benefits

In swimming, we can practice different styles of swimming, of varying difficulty. The most common for swimming style is crawl or freestyle: this is the preferred by swimmers racing style, as it is with that higher speeds are achieved, but also a caloric expenditure increased by the need to maintain a steady pace. To swim front crawl also we work coordination and our breath: it is important that we rhythmic breathing (a full breath for every three strokes) to achieve an optimal rate. More body parts worked with this style are in our upper body: back, chest and shoulders.

The breaststroke or chest specialty is one of the styles most appreciated by swimmers. In this case the work is more diversified between the upper body (chest and back) and lower, as the kick in the water helps us move faster. This style is very comfortable for swimmers because breathing is much easier than in others and distributes the effort throughout the body; however, it also requires good coordination and a good range of movement of joints both shoulders and legs.

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Swimming backstroke is very similar to front crawl or freestyle, and also allows us to swim at a good speed. It is important to note that in these two styles need a broad range of motion in the shoulder joint, which performs a circular movement of large amplitude. Breathing in this style is much simpler than others, as we found floating face up, making the wave back one of the most relaxed styles for swimmers, and a favorite for those who swim simply by fun.

The butterfly is perhaps the most difficult style because it requires a good muscular coordination (both arms and both legs move together to propel forward) and proper coordination of breath. The wave butterfly requires greater anaerobic effort to get the body out of the water, and it can be achieved similar to the front crawl speeds, but is a much larger effort.

Whatever the style we practice, it is important to note that we have a good technique that keeps us from injuries. Once you have learned the perfect technique we can progressively making sessions longer and more demanding swimming, combining different styles to obtain full benefits.

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