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Product Design: 4 Effective Packaging Choices You Should Make

Packaging is an important part of any commercial product. Effective packaging will make products fly off the shelves – on the other hand, poor packaging can stagnate sales, even if the product it contains is fantastic.

To create the best packaging possible, follow these four design tips.

1. Simple Is Better

When it comes to packaging and design solutions, simple is better. If you slap too much information on your package, your customers will become overwhelmed and confused, and they will move on to different products. In fact, some businesses use purposefully plain packaging to stand out from the overwhelming color of their competitors.

2. Make It Functional

Functionality is an important aspect of packaging design. Customers want products that are easy to hold, use, and store. Make sure to test-run your packaging designs by using them yourself. If you come across any difficulties or inconveniences, revise your designs.

3. Focus on Accessibility

In addition to functionality, you should focus on accessibility. People with disabilities rely on accessible packaging to use their products safely and efficiently. To accommodate your customers, design your packaging with easy-open mechanisms and clear, easy-to-read lettering. If you want to go a step further, include braille lettering or raised symbols to assist your visually impaired customers.

4. Connect With Your Customers

Research shows that consumers respond positively to packaging that displays a short brand story. In 100 words or less, tell your customers what motivated you to start your business, what principles you operate upon, and what makes you different from your competitors. If it is not possible to fit a small paragraph on your package, try including symbols that express your core ideals; for example, if it applies to your product, you could use a capital “V” for vegan, the cruelty-free rabbit icon, or the official FAIRTRADE mark on your packaging.

Product packaging should never be an afterthought. Putting extra thought into how you package your products will result in more sales and greater profit margins in the future.

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