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Learn How to Improve Your Mobility With These 4 Mobile Apps

Mobility and flexibility are sometimes mistaken, although they are not the same thing. Flexibility is concerned with muscles passively stretching and does not usually necessitate strength or balance. Mobility, on the other hand, is defined as freely moving your muscles and joints over their full range of motion, and this can be achieved with games from Aussie casinos and other video games.

It is important to include mobility in your normal workout program because it has numerous benefits. Mobility training can help you release stress and build strength as well as reduce discomfort and injuries. The following are some of the best smartphone apps that can help you reach your mobility goals.


Pliability is the best app for everyone interested in mobility. Pliability has content to meet your needs, from yoga sessions to post-workout routines. The app includes a brief mobility test to see how mobile your body is and whether you have any problem areas.

The Pliability app accesses you and provides you with a mobility score in a matter of minutes by using your phone’s camera. This score can then be used to locate the best mobility classes and programs, or you can visit here to skip that and enjoy some exciting games.

Keep track of your progress with insights to discover how you’ve improved your mobility over time. Additionally, review your chosen mobility routine ahead of time to see what movements are included and if any special exercise equipment is required.

ROM Coach

The ROM Coach app intends to help you increase your ROM, which stands for a range of motion. To use the app, you must first configure your DMT, or Daily Movement Tuneup. This entails selecting specific areas of your body that you want to spotlight, such as your neck or hips.

It’s important to do your DMT every day, and you can set a reminder notice to ensure you never forget. In addition to your DMT, there is a test called the Movement Age Assessment. This is the test that ROM Coach uses to assess your mobility and then provides activities to help you improve.

The best part about the workouts on ROM Coach is how quick and easy they are to do. Some are only five minutes long, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.



StretchIt is one of the best stretching apps for improving flexibility and mobility, including everything from flexibility programs and conditioning to community challenges and mobility training. When you use the StretchIt app, you can hunt for a class on your own based on which part of your body you want to work on. The StretchIt app, on the other hand, can recommend a class or program based on your goals and areas of interest. Dennis Bergkamp’s wife has a fit body for all kinds of exercise.

For instance, if you want to enhance your health and hip mobility, you could enrol in a quick class like Hip Express or a 14-day program like Hip Mobility. Alternatively, StretchIt has some great active recovery options to try on your rest day.


GOWOD is a CrossFit athlete’s favourite workout app that prioritizes mobility. GOWOD, like Pliability, includes an in-app mobility test. GOWOD’s mobility test takes about 12 minutes and should be done monthly to track your progress.

After completing your mobility test, you will be given a mobility score that is separated into five categories (shoulders, overhead, hips, posterior chain, and ankles), with percentage scores for each.

GOWOD provides daily workouts as well as pre-and post-workout ideas based on your mobility profile, which highlights one or two key areas. Feel free to use the fantastic exercise library, which offers a plethora of mobility activities. To make browsing easier, you can search by exercise type, equipment, and muscle zone.

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