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Keep fit doing the stairs every day

Summer is here and many of us have already taken the first swim in the sea or taken the first real tan of the season. A moment: how was the dress rehearsal? We hope well …

This article will not talk about diets and harsh working hours in the gym, but business as simple as it is beneficial for the well being both physically and mentally: climbing stairs.

Keep fit
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Because climbing stairs is good

We know how healthy is regular physical activity. Not everyone, however, have time to join a gym or go to the park, on the street or in a sports center in running or speed walking. Tranquilly: climbing stairs is an exercise that can be done by anyone, and that helps to improve health and, at the same time, to burn calories and fat. According to some estimates, 20 minutes of stairs help burn about 75 calories: along with fat loss, you work on the muscles and lower body, strengthening the body and improving blood circulation.

Climbing stairs also brings great benefits to the heart, because it is an aerobic exercise that strengthens the cardiovascular system, it brings more oxygen to the heart and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Going up the stairs you have a physical improvement and resistance, it reduces fat and increases muscle tone. Also, move the body doing this aerobic exercise works as an antidepressant and helps to keep stress away.

How and how much climbing stairs

Half an hour of exercise is enough to reap these benefits and is a comfortable workout and free (you save time and money and the results will be seen within a few weeks). Sure, some may exchange your condominium for a thief or a madman and maybe there diverge as in the gym, but so …

Climbing stairs is a practice that must be accompanied by a half hour of daily physical activity of any kind, for only then you will get a stronger body and better health benefits. This activity allows you to burn 8 to 10 calories per minute, and those who practice it regularly has a better muscle tone and increased aerobic capacity. In addition, climbing stairs improves the quality of good cholesterol in the blood, strengthens the legs and reduces the risk of falls and injuries, especially in the people forward with age.

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Useful tips for taking the stairs

To make the most of stairs and benefit from them, you can follow the little tips.

Let’s see what …

  1. Warming up before starting (a few minutes), leaning slightly forward with your back straight;
  2. At every step, the entire foot must adhere to the floor, keep your head up so you always look ahead;
  3. Not to look down, because the movement of the head may cause tension in the neck;
  4. Do not lock your knees when you go up the stairs;
  5. To note the type of stairs that are chosen and in place;
  6. Not isolate themselves in dark alleys or little traffic (in case of problems or hassles various, nobody would be able to listen to your pleas for help and we will not be taking on any responsibility);
  7. Drink plenty of water before and after exercise (climbing stairs is intense physical activity, so it is important to replenish the liquids just like you would for a race).

Climbing stairs, but not only

Remember that to lose weight is not enough to just do the stairs but we need a program of daily physical activity itself: it is also simply a moderate 30-minute jog or other aerobic exercise to associate, to get a complete workout.

It is estimated that doing 2 times a day flights of stairs for a year you can lose two kilograms: imagine doing it every day for 30 minutes with another activity and a balanced diet can help you lose those extra pounds.

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