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Evolution: Is It God’s Creation Or Did We Evolve From A Monkey?

Science is the study of everything that lives, breathes, grows, floats and spins. Science has been around as long as the world has been around. People are always trying to figure out how they evolved and where the world started from. Studying science gives people the ability to do many things. One of the greatest things science does is helps in providing cures for diseases. The study involves things like Nutrigenomics and DNA. People have specific DNA strands and so do many other organisms and mammals in the world. By understanding DNA it is easier to understand why some people get specific diseases.
Studying science starts with evolution. Many scientists believe that man evolved from the monkey. When scientists begin to work with a monkey they discover that they are quick learners and can be taught things successfully. Imagine a new born baby and how they too are in need of instruction. A newborn does not come out of the womb knowing how to walk, talk, feed themselves, divide fractions, or dial a phone. These things are taught by the parents and teachers in the child’s life. The same is true with the monkey so it is understandable that some scientist believes man could have started out as a monkey.

If a man started as a monkey, who taught the monkey to become the man? Who gave the monkey the knowledge they needed to begin to walk? Who gave the monkey the ability to form all of the sounds to form words and talk? Scientists are continuing to explore the possibility of many coming from an ape but also the evolution of man from Jesus Christ and God.

Christianity and Evolution are two scientific conclusions that man is still trying to wrap their fingers around. Some Scientist believes in the monkey to man evolution theory. Christians believe that God started the world. God made man and the animals of the world. Christians believe that God is responsible for all living creatures. These two scientific conclusions will forever be debated unless someone finds cold hard facts to support one or the other theory.

Science Evolution starts when you have people like Ben Franklin and electricity. Using Nutrigenomics in the study of scientific evolution is a thing of the future. People are working hard to begin to understand what makes humans tick. They are working hard to form new parts that can replace lost body parts such as arms and legs. Scientists are also working very diligently to find a cure for things like cancer. If it were not for evolution then humans may not even have a clue that cancer exists. Humans may not understand why people die like they do if they did not understand that cancer exists. Cures for diseases are closer than anyone believes because scientists are working around the clock to create the product that is going to save the world.

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