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The Kinesio Tape, the beloved patch by athletes

In the last year many of us will have seen several athletes both on TV, both in the gym to show off one or morecolored patches on the body: it is not a habit fanciest, but a real necessity.

We are talking of Kinesio Tape, a natural remedy (not release drugs) designed by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase in the 80s to try to relieve muscle and joint pain. The patches are of different colors, but the colors have no special significance.

The kinesio tape
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The taping several benefits to athletes as it helps to drain excess fluids, reduces bruising and carefully lower back and chronic postural pain: also protects the muscles, supports the column, makes it more stable ankles, knees and wrists, and improves microcirculation, essential for our health.

The effectiveness of these particular patches is constant: the bandage works on the affected part for 24 hours on 24, for 3- 5 days, resists shower and causes a continuous stimulation for a further 2-3 days after removal.

But be careful: you should always rely on a certified therapist for the application and not to do it yourself.

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Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of taping also against the bunion because even if it does not solve the malformation, in about three months of treatment the Kinesio Tape can improve pain and foot trim, partially realigning the big toe.

The tape, in fact, acts against the defects of support and load that carry the big toe to deviate toward the inside of the foot: with a good manual therapy and the constant use of the patch, in the initial stages of valgus you can avoid the ‘intervention.

But not only the taping provides considerable help for menstrual pains as soon as you see the pain when applied, both on the abdomen on both the lower back, it tends to decontract the uterine muscles and the lumbosacral area, reducing the annoying abdominal cramps and active anti-inflammatory mechanisms that reduce pain.

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