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One of the best recommendations to enjoy a clean and healthy air in our homes is having a humidifier. Technology companies as they turn stop improving the quality of life and health of people through innovation. So now Philips has launched a new air humidifier, the HU4803. We will analyze in this article.

Pollution, especially the one in the big cities as well as the dry atmosphere causes the air we breathe every day is unsafe and harmful to our health.

This causes very negative effects on our respiratory system, hence more and more people suffer from asthma and allergies of all kinds.

Combat air drying

As indicated earlier in this post we will see how it works in this respect the new humidifier Philps. This innovative air humidifier has NanoCloud technology that combats dryness of the air with precision and evenly distributes the air humidified room. Furthermore, to ensure clean air, a dispersion of bacteria offers 99% lower compared to the traditional models of ultrasound.

The new Philips HU4803 humidifier incorporates an advanced evaporation works in three stages. In the first stage, the absorbent humidifier filter traps large particles like human hair or pet and dust in the air. In a second phase, evaporation advanced technology retains all bacteria, viruses and calcium in the water, ensuring that the dry air is humidified with pure water only. In the third stage, the humidifier healthy expels air at a constant speed, providing humidification of pure, comfortable and even household air.

Moisture control digital home

Regular household humidity is now very simple thanks to digital control built into this new humidifier. Auto mode uses a digital sensor that constantly monitors humidity and turns on or off the humidifier when needed, ensuring proper humidity level.

It also has a timer so that the humidifier to work during the hours that the user wants and turns off automatically after the set time.

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