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Centrifuged, the wellness allies

Sometimes we do not realize that eating better and staying fit need very little. An ideal food for balance diet and health is the fruit and vegetables centrifuged that allows you to take all the nutrients that the body needs, so easy and fast.

The Smoothies are great to start the day or, during the summer heat, are useful to replenish substances lost through sweating. We can prepare these drinks also inviting for children, who do not like eating fruits and vegetables, to entice them to eat healthily. But the centrifuged is also a great beauty ally. To delay skin aging, in fact, the first thing to do is to nourish the skin from within making every day the right balance of essential substances: proteins, vitamins and minerals.

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Here are 5 centrifuged to try now!

1) Centrifuged carrot and apples: The carrot is rich in vitamin A, it contains antioxidants and iron, important for the bones. The apple is an excellent cleansing and detoxifying.

2) Centrifuged fennel and apple: Fennel has digestive properties. If you have frequent stomach aches, it’s best to take this drink before a meal to cleanse and soothe in advance intestine.

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3) Centrifuged Kiwi: Kiwi is rich in vitamin C (more food of the orange and lemon), iron, potassium and copper, which, combined together, provide him with important antiseptic and anti-anemic.

4) Centrifuged of apples and oranges: This drink has purifying and anti-inflammatory as well as being a great ally for dieting.

5) Centrifuged of mixed fruits and almonds to prepare this centrifuged we can use any kind of fruit. The addition of almonds will make it more appetizing as well as healthier.

Any suggestions …

  • Use organic products and not chemically treated and, above all, fruits and vegetables in season
  • Remove from any damaged or moldy fruit
  • Drink immediately the mixture just prepared to take all the vitamins and minerals concentrated

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