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7 reasons why nail biting is bad

Beyond being an aesthetic problem, nail biting can lead to health complications of bacterial type and even deformation of the fingers.

Onychophagia, popularly known as “nail biting” is a very common problem at any age and can bring many negative health consequences.

While we may think that this is an aesthetic one, the truth is that biting or nails biting leads to diseases or conditions that are worth avoiding.

This article will tell you why this is a bad habit that you must eradicate.

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Reasons for nail biting

Nail biting is a hobby that thousands of people have and develop from infancy. While most of us have ever gone through that situation, only some maintain it throughout the years.

One of the outstanding features of this habit is that we do not realize it. That is, it is done unconsciously while watching television, we traveled by subway or row the market.

For this reason it becomes very difficult to stop biting nails. Although we know that is unsightly, fingers hurt us or even stop doing other activities take away the last bit of nail … We still do.

You need to establish what the origin of this hobby is. The main cause, according to research, is anxiety. This means that the nail biting, the mind finds an escape route for problems, worries or negative feelings.

The pictures of anxiety and stress also tend to be other reasons why a person is bitten nails. Over time this habit becomes a “nervous tic” uncontrollable and every day.

How to stop biting your nails?

To abandon this hobby many women take into account aesthetics. In the case of men it can be a bit trickier, but not impossible.

Maybe you’ve tried enamels with a bitter taste, bandage your nails or even “pay” a fine putting coins in a jar every time you discovered you biting the fingers…

However often we need other “incentives” to leave a bad habit (as does smoking or drinking alcohol): know what causes problems.

The fact nail biting affects both growth and structure to generate micro tears in different layers. Therefore they grow unevenly and not cover the entire surface of the finger.

What effect does nail biting?

Among the consequences of having this habit we can distinguish two main groups: physical and psychological or emotional.

In any case, it pays to keep them in mind if we stop to eat us if we fingernails or more reasons to make the effort and try again:

Lack of growth

When the nail is bitten to the core takes long to grow back, and if it does, will inappropriately. This, for example, causes the fingers are not good and affect the beauty of hands.


To want to take some object, open a package, and use tools, typing on the computer or mobile pain is unbearable. We cannot perform our daily activities effectively as simple finger contact with any material paralyzes us.

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Bacterial diseases

Nails are “ideal” for bacteria to proliferate all sites because the fingers are constantly manipulating objects that may be contaminated or dirty.

Among the species most “popular” that develop under the fingernails are the Salmonella and E. Coli (both transmitted by raw food).

When we got to the mouth fingers automatically they pass these microorganisms mucous membranes and from there directly into the body, where they cause havoc.

However, for some doctors who bite nails they have the strongest immune system due precisely to the entry of these bacteria: the body has been able to defend them and no longer sick. Internet sites that sell medications can be trustworthy online drugstores. Online sales of remedies have grown in short order, often driven by the lower costs point of online services. Protect your family by using caution when purchasing pills online. Ordering prescriptions online can put consumers at risk of spam on your computer, and most dangerously, increases the risk of exposure to counterfeit drugs.

Dental problems

The front teeth are mostly those who “take care” of nail biting. These increases wear on the edges of the teeth and also increase the oral sensitivity because it loses the overlying enamel.

As if that were not enough, our habit can also cause dental malocclusion (misalignment) and trouble chewing or even sleep if the mouth does not completely close.

Emotional factors

One of the typical habits of those who bite their nails is to hide their hands. Beyond issues of fashion, the truth is that no one likes to be seen biting nails or split.

Among the psychological consequences of this mania are shame, low self-esteem, frustration and sadness.

In turn, causes social problems, especially in women, who prefer to stop seeing their friends or acquaintances for not following the standards of beauty stipulated.

Joint pain

Although it may sound strange, this mania causes pain in the neck and jaw due to the effort to do the muscles to remove nail fragments?

Infectious diseases

When you bite the most vulnerable to a disease called paronychia are nails. It is an infection in the fingers which causes swelling, redness and pus production.

It develops when bacteria enter the cracks or tears in the skin (which are more common to be in contact with saliva).

Fungi can also be frequent when the meat of the fingers is “outdoors” and without the protection of the nail.

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