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Causes of pain in the kidneys and natural treatment

The kidney pain is very upset about what is worth knowing its causes and some natural treatments to relieve the pain.


The most common symptoms of kidney pain occur in the lower back, more or less at the height of the lumbar. You can have more or less pain depending on how severe the pain is intermittent but rather often, these symptoms may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and dark colored urine. Sometimes the pain of kidney stones can be confused with appendicitis pain or lumbago.

Kidney pain
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Causes of kidney pain

This pain can be caused by a kidney stones, kidney failure, infections, cancer.

Kidney stones are made of materials that accumulate in the body and that stay in the kidney or urinary tract. These calculations, urination, accompanied by blood that is often not visible to the naked eye, and pain in the back or in the groin area.

These kidney stones can lead to renal colic, provided that the calculations are made in one size larger than normal and remain housed inside. If stones are small enough output from the urinary system without pain.

To prevent kidney stones

It is advisable to drink plenty of water, make some dietary changes if the diet that takes is not enough healthy or change some eating habits.

If you have a kidney stone is a soft diet and rest, accompanied with plenty of water intake is advised. It has to control and act effectively if you have a urinary tract infection because it can give gravity and increase symptoms.

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Medicinal plants and kidney pain

You can soothe the pain with the use of chamomile. What you have to do is boil four teaspoons of chamomile for five minutes in a pint of water.

Once passed five minutes turn off the heat and let stand for about two minutes, no more so you will not lose heat.

Passing these two minutes take a cloth or tissue clothes, dip it into the mixture and Make this area the kidneys. When the rag remove waste heat.

Another natural remedy

You can also take warm baths several times a day or use flowers of beans. The latter is to boil 600 ml of water, once it is boiling take 40 g. flower of beans.

After thirty minutes, remove from heat. It would be better to put it in a thermos and go drinking during the day. This process would be repeated for about four days.

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