Catfish, the truth and lies behind online dating

Most people have heard of the term “Catfishing” or watched the film or television series “Catfish” featuring Nev Schulman who was personally deceived by an online profile of a woman he believed was his girlfriend!  “Catfishing” is a term that is given to someone who puts up a fake profile online, trying to attract innocent people, with the potential of conning them out of money!  There are lots of professional organisations now that are trying to help people and stop them from being deceived and having their time wasted by Scammers. Helping ordinary people understand that they shouldn’t hand over money to strangers thinking they are helping a new friend. Companies such as who specialise in AML ID VERIFICATION.

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Scammers who “Catfish” don’t care that they are using other innocent people’s profiles to hook their unsuspecting victims, they enjoy pretending to be someone they are not.  They use photographs on multi-media sites posted by models and actors and pretend to be them, using clever technology they can make an innocent victim believe they are really communicating with this fake profile. Don’t fall victim to these online dating scammers, use an AML online verification service that can protect you from money laundering and other scams.

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If you have a gut feeling that something isn’t right and the person you are communicating with may not be who they say they are, don’t give them any money or your personal banking details.  Air on the side of caution until you know the truth and always ask to video chat to confirm they are who they claim to be!

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