Animals to Look out for in January and February

January and February are probably the harshest months of the year weatherwise, but there is a lot going on in the animal kingdom – if you wear warm clothing like this irish sweater for men go out to the countryside and see what you can spot – here are some of the creatures that you could see at this time of the year…

Roe Deer – If you go to a quiet part of the countryside in the early morning or around dusk, keep an eye out for the distinctive Roe Deer. In the edges of the fields or around the woodland is the best place to spot these beautiful deer. At this time of the year, they are still likely to have their greyer winter coats and can be seen in small groups rather than in the large herds that other species of deer form.

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Redwing – A bird that only tends to visit the UK in the winter months, coming in the autumn from the Faroe Islands, Iceland and Scandinavia to avoid the harsh winter in the north. These beautiful birds are usually found in the woodlands and look similar to a thrush, although they have a light area around the eye and of course the flash of red on the wing that give it the name.

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Badgers – This is a great time of the year to see one of the favourites of Britain’s mammals – the female badgers give birth to their young in January or early February, giving them a head start and meaning that when their cubs emerge it will be spring. Look for wandering males at this time of the year too, who will be rummaging in the ground for food.

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