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Is Greek healthcare free for expats?

Greece, well known for its stunning landscapes and rich history, has become an increasingly popular destination for expats seeking a new adventure or a peaceful retirement. Greece has a public healthcare system that residents can access, but it is not completely free.

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Social insurance EOPYY

If you are working in Greece, you must register for social insurance. This entitles you to a special healthcare card that gives access to the public system, which is known as EOPYY.

With this card, you can see doctors, receive hospital treatment, and get prescriptions at reduced rates or sometimes for free. If you are referred by a doctor, for example, hospitalisation is free but you would pay around 25 percent of prescription costs. If you go to a private clinic affiliated with EOPYY, only part of the fee is covered. Waiting lists for treatment can also be very long in the public system.

Private health insurance

If you are not working or receiving a pension in Greece, the rules are stricter. As an expat resident, you have to prove you have comprehensive health insurance before you can register for your residence permit. Retirees have the option of using an S1 form from the UK or private health insurance plans designed for expats. If you are thinking about moving to Greece from the UK, companies such as can help.

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Is healthcare free?

Greece provides options for expats to access healthcare without enormous costs, but it is not an entirely free system unless you are actively contributing via work or pensions. Even residents making payments still have to pay for medications or private clinic visits. Doing your research is key before planning a move abroad, with knowing what to expect from Greek healthcare enabling you to budget accordingly.

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