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3 Tips for Maintaining Dental Hand Pieces

Dental equipment can be quite delicate. It’s important to maintain all your equipment properly and to handle and clean them safely to protect your patients and staff. Here are three tips for maintaining dental hand pieces.

1. Use Appropriate Repair Tools

You can’t use just any tool to repair your dental hand pieces in the event of a malfunction or damage to the equipment. There are specialized dental hand piece repair tools you should use to ensure that you safely repair and maintain your tools without damaging them further. Check with the hand piece manufacturer or with its user specifications to see which tools you should use for which pieces of equipment.

2. Clean Them Thoroughly

One of the most important things you need to do to properly maintain your dental hand pieces and other dental equipment is to clean everything thoroughly. This includes sanitizing and decontaminating each piece of equipment between each use. Use alcohol or gentle detergents and dry each piece of equipment completely. Only use approved sterilization tools and methods. Always make sure you immediately bag or store the equipment again after sterilization.

3. Audit Your Equipment Regularly

It’s a good idea to perform audits of all your dental equipment regularly. Generally, dentists make sure their tools are audited annually. During your audit, check each piece of equipment for damage, wear, glitches and any other issues. Make notes of what needs to be repaired or replaced and when you’ll need to do so. Get in touch with accredited dental equipment technicians after you complete your audit. These technicians will be the most qualified people to take care of extensive repairs or replacements.

Always follow the guidance and recommendations put forth by the manufacturer of each piece of dental equipment you use. Following the manufacturer’s requirements ensures you handle all your equipment properly.

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