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4 Tips To Make Dialysis More Comfortable

When the kidneys fail, the body can no longer process waste. Instead, doctors rely on dialysis treatment to help patients clear out the system. According to the National Kidney Foundation, specialists prescribe dialysis to end-stage kidney failure patients. Nurses hook patients up to a machine that helps flush out the system of excess water and salt. This process helps blood pressure and maintain nutrient levels. It, however, can feel uncomfortable when you first begin. The following are four tips to make the time a bit easier.

1. Arrange for Transportation Ahead of Time

Avoid starting with frustrations, knowing that you have the means to get to your appointment. You may not feel like driving yourself, and others may have schedules that don’t work with treatment times. Look for a local place specializing in non-emergency medical transportation company Essex county. This company can get you there and home, allowing you to concentrate on your wellness.

2. Ask Questions

As you go through treatment, you may have questions about what is happening to you, the doctor’s orders or the procedure itself. Write out anything that comes to mind. Ask the nurses on staff. If they don’t know, bring the inquiries to your appointment. Find out the answers because you don’t want to remain in the dark or confused about anything.

3. Bring Sometime With You To Do

Make use of your dialysis time. Bring a book with you for pleasure reading. Catch up on emails. Bring along papers from work. These tasks distract you from the procedure, but they also give you something stimulating to do.

4. Bring Something To Keep You Warm

You may feel cold, so dress to maintain comfort levels. Dress in clothes that allow you to minimize the chill, letting the nursing staff access your port.

Dialysis takes time and maybe a bit uncomfortable at first. Bring something with you and speak openly with medical staff to make it easier on yourself.

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