How Addicts Try To Hide Their Dependence

A problem of dependence is rarely a situation that is claimed on all levels. After all, shame being one of the results of this mental state, it is something that one wants to hide as best and as long as possible from those around you, both family and social as well as professional. However, despite repeated and sometimes particularly clever efforts, addiction always ends up being discovered.

The Sign

There are several signs that can suggest that a person is suffering from an addiction problem. Some are obvious, such as finding illicit substances or certain paraphernalia (syringes, crack pipes, and others), others are much more subtle and taken alone, may be due to other problems. Below are some of the most common signs.

Rapid and Drastic Mood Changes

Whether during the “height” of consumption, or during the period when the substance loses its effect, the person becomes very different and his interaction with those around him is evident. In other words, mood changes are a good giveaway.

Unusual and Noticeable Physical Changes

There are obvious physical effects of the use and dependence of certain substances. From the classic red eyes or injection marks, to more striking transformations such as certain types of wounds associated with particular drugs (such as crystal methamphetamine), repetitive nosebleeds, or a change in weight without changing lifestyle or food.

Financial Problems

Addiction has a very real financial cost. Impressive amounts of money can disappear quickly. And when the money runs out, you have to find it. Then come credit card debts, quick sales of objects or properties, savings for retirement or education that melt at full speed. Money is borrowed from family and friends, and sometimes the person may commit fraud or theft to obtain cash. These problems can appear gradually or very quickly, especially because of gambling addiction.

Obviously, some of these signs taken individually or even in pairs do not mean that there is a problem. Mood swings can be due to a particularly difficult project at work or family stress such as divorce. Nosebleeds may be due to the air being too dry due to heating in the winter. Do not jump to conclusions, but it may be good to investigate a little or to be more on the lookout for other signs. 

The Falsehoods

This is probably the first defense put forward. The person will lie for a whole series of reasons. It will create non-existent situations to justify absences or financial problems. He or she will avoid confrontations regarding their drug or alcohol consumption. They will cheat on their friends and family because they don’t want to change their behavior, or in order to get something, like money. Unfortunately for the addict, unless he or she keeps a record of their lies, the person will eventually get confused in the stories and contradict themselves.

High Level of Functioning

With addicts, it is much more difficult to recognize certain signs. Indeed, the consequences of their addiction are not always obvious – at least for a while. The high-level addict may have a hangover or other physical problems related to their substance abuse, but they are able to hide these effects or attribute them to other causes (for example, illness, stress, lack of sleep). He often has a position of authority that allows him not to have to justify himself in detail and can hide his dependence sometimes for years. On the other hand, when the dependency is discovered, the house of cards collapses suddenly.

The Solution

As we have just seen, one can hide an addiction problem for a while. The duration will depend on the physical symptoms, collateral effects (financial, for example) and the insight of those around you. But sooner or later, we will have to face the facts. Get more info here

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