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What is heat exhaustion, and how does it occur?

There is a considerable focus on the rising temperatures we are seeing around the world. With the increase in warmth, it is starting to create a rise in heat exhaustion occurrences worldwide. To forestall this, architects and designers look at sustainable and greener ways to protect workers and reduce its incidences. One of these ideas is to use a traditional French piece of their architect in the shape of the Brise Soleil. This is a construction that creates shade and deflects the suns rays away from a building, especially its windows. One of the best creators of this is the company Aluminium Systems. You can check out their work on the website included.

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Heat exhaustion and stress takes on the following symptoms.

  1. Hot and dry skin, usually accompanied by excessive sweating.
  2. A very high body temperature.
  3. Not making sense to others or just being confused by everything.
  4. Headaches and Nausea are also sure signs.
  5. Thirst is also relevant.
  6. People with heat exhaustion can become very irritable.
  7. Not wanting to go to the toilet as much because the body is desperately trying to retain as much fluid onboard internally as possible. However, it is also trying to reduce the heat build-up via sweating.
  8. It is very likely that dizziness will also show, and the person will be unsteady on their feet.

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The first thing to treat this is to get them into a shaded area and remove as many of their clothes as is suitable. Cold and cool water should be applied to the head and back to try and reduce the heat as much as possible. It’s also a good idea to call an ambulance.

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