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What are the Benefits of Standing Desks?

So, you may have heard of standing desks but do they have any benefits? Many people with limited mobility suffer from atrophy (loss of muscle bulk) as a result of bad sitting posture. Sitting down all day with poor posture where the spine can support the weight of the body’s core can cause serious harm. Without the proper exercise, the weight of the upper body will begin to lean towards the lower extremity, causing further pain and disability.

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In fact, the benefits of standing desks also includes the prevention of the onset of arthritis! Many people with osteoarthritis suffer because of the effects of their body’s position when seated at a desk for long periods of time. When we slouch and put pressure on our back and neck muscles, these muscles pull on the delicate joints in our knees and hips. This can cause unnecessary wear and tear, and over time, degenerative changes to these joints can occur. Having a sit-stand desk means a user can alternate between positions which eases pressure on the joints. When you do sit, make sure you have a supportive chair. See Reception Chairs at a site like Best Buy Office Chairs

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For this reason alone, if you are an office worker, it is imperative that you take steps to ensure that your workspace is ergonomic in its entirety. You want to make sure that your chair, keyboard and mouse are comfortable, and that your computer is positioned properly so that your hands aren’t over-stretched. What are the benefits of standing desks? There are many.


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