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Tips for Properly Concealing Your CCW

If you have a concealed carry permit, one of your concerns should be full concealment in public because if someone does see your weapon, it may cause a dangerous situation for you and others. Therefore, these are a few tips to help you conceal your gun properly while you are out of your home.

Choose the Right Clothing

Your clothing can have a major impact on whether your firearm is properly concealed. You can purchase clothing made specifically to conceal a weapon, such as a CCW vest, coat, undershirt, etc. However, you should also adopt a few simple strategies. Look for clothing that fits you loosely. Heavier fabrics are best, but during the summer, make sure your fabrics do not drape over your weapon, revealing its shape. In addition, patterns can help you hide any bulk under your clothes, but avoid vertical stripes. You may also layer your light, breathable shirts if you carry on your upper body. The key is to ensure your weapon is hidden without affecting your ability to draw it quickly.

Purchase a Proper CCW Holster

Your holsters should be comfortable and secured against your body. It also needs to hold your firearm securely so that it doesn’t move or shift when you move. Look for low-bulk options in the summertime. You can select holsters for different seasons, outfits or purposes. For example, if you sit at a desk at work, an ankle holster may be more comfortable than an in-waist holster, which could jab into you as you sit and move.

Change Your Carry Position

Like law enforcement, many individuals with a concealed carry permit carry on their hips. However, if someone suspects that you carry concealed, they will be looking at your hips. Fortunately, you can carry just about anywhere on your body today. For example, you can carry near your appendix, on your ankles, on your thighs, under your breasts or under your arms. You can even purchase clothing or off-body holsters, such as briefcases and purses, that allow you to move your weapon.

As you begin carrying concealed, you will grow more comfortable with different holsters and carry positions, but CCW clothing can increase your comfort and peace of mind.

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