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Tips for gaining weight healthily

I have spent many posts the topic of weight loss. The overweight and obesity are problems that concern many people and so continue to do my contributions and advice to enable them to achieve their goal.

That said, I also noticed the questions that make me throughout the week, which many people find it difficult to gain weight. Les uncomfortable to be very thin and that becomes a problem. For this reason, today’s post is about various tricks so they can get fat, but healthy.

Gaining weight is easy if you do not have in mind healthy habits, but that serves to gain weight if our health is affected … So priority will help them gain weight without harm to health.

Gaining weight
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Tricks to fatten

Most of the time it costs us fat because our metabolism is faster than the rest of people. So we must take into account this factor to achieve weight gain.

Limit aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise is one in which the effort is moderate, and allows us to maintain a constant intensity and prolonged in time, without forcing our cardiovascular system. I mean … run for more than 30 minutes at a steady pace and our controlled breathing. With this we get? Lose weight and improve our resistance. The problem is that for those who lose weight easily, this type of exercise thins us quickly. So I recommend that you do not run more than twice a week. Then you can supplement it with toning exercises or power, to continue working the body and is not affected your physical form.

Quit smoking: If you are a smoker or a smoker, you should know that nicotine speeds up your metabolism. If you want to get fat, only to remove this toxic habit of your life, you can get it. Not counting all health’d win!

Limit consumption of stimulating drinks: Coffee, green tea, red tea, energy drinks, etc also speed up your metabolism. Try to consume little. If you are addicted to coffee, you should not take more than one or two cups a day…

Accompany breakfast and snack with a high – calorie milkshake: For fat you consume more calories. But it is important that you do it intelligently. Without you noticing! So, add to your breakfast smoothie or juice containing many calories you can be helpful. You take it in a minute and is equivalent to an entire full breakfast. The batter may be similar to the one I posted to train (Beaten before training) should contain nuts, banana or mango, oatmeal, etc.

Breakfast cereals and dried fruits: Cereals are rich in calories and very healthy. To toggle can also add to your diet toast with olive oil. Moreover dried fruits such as prunes, dried apricots or dried figs, like a lot of calories and are a good source of fiber. So if you eat breakfast cereals, dried fruits and a shake up … in sight it does not seem much, but is loaded with kcal!

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Mashed potatoes: If you do mash, which already helps fatten if the amount of carbohydrates it contains, always throw in olive oil and milk. With that you get a more powerful without changing its appearance, taste or size dish.

Eat every 4h: Do not miss more than 4 hours between intake and another. Your body needs food frequently and if not obtained, using the reservation… and makes you lose weight. Do not give that option.

Fruit juice: We must drink two liters of water a day. You can replace a liter of water and add one liter of natural fruit juice. Orange juice will provide about 500 kcal per day. It’s not bad at all! Above you will cover your daily requirement of vitamin C.

Carbohydrates at every meal: your meals should always have carbohydrates slow assimilation (pasta, rice, bread, potatoes, …) If you only consume protein and salads .. not get fat.

Nothing spicy: Avoid foods seasoned with spicy. These speed metabolism.

Add cheese to your omelets: If you make an omelet or omelette, add some variety of fatty cheese. It is not too much notice, but it is a way to give much more consistency and especially calories! You can eat up to two a week if you do not have cholesterol problems.

Eat slowly: If you chew your food well and eat slowly, they are better in your body assimilate and bring you more nutrients and energy.

Cream and creams on your vegetables: You continue to eat vegetables. They are essential in a balanced diet, but you can mix or gratinarlas with cheese, making sauces with cream (cream) etc …

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