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The Signs of Autism

One of the most important things for a parent to look out for with their children is to be able to identify the early signs of autism. The signs may vary depending on the intensity of autism and the child’s age. Some infants even show evidence of it in their first months of life.

6-9 Months

Most children will not start showing clear signs of autism until they are six months old. However, if a parent notices that their six-month-old is giving them fewer smiles or is not giving them their usual big smiles with engaging expressions, they may want to look into getting them checked for autism. They may also exhibit limited or no eye contact. Around nine months, they may also no longer share sounds back and forth.

12-24 Months

During a child’s twelve to twenty-four months, they may exhibit little to no babbling or words being made or said. There may also be a lack of response to their name. By twenty-four months, they most likely do not have an extensive vocabulary and the only words spoken are those they repeat back.

Any Age

Certain signs also arise at any age in children. If any signs arise, a parent should look into autism behavior services to help discover if their child does have autism. For example, they may experience a loss of previously acquired social skills, babbling, or speech. Eye contact is also usually avoided, and they prefer to be alone. Feelings are difficult for them to understand. A child with autism may also resist any change in their routines and overreact to certain sounds, smells, textures, lights, or smells. There may also be repetitive behaviors such as flapping, spinning, and rocking.

Making sure a child gets their diagnosis of autism early as possible is vital to begin understanding their child’s world. It will also help them surround themselves with the support they need.

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