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The growth of the use of bamboo in products?

The use of bamboo for food has been around for several decades, but the growth of bamboo as a renewable, sustainable source of energy and raw material has seen it massively grown over the last decade.

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The main factors responsible for this growth are the need to produce bamboo products as an alternative to crops grown for cash, the need to create environmentally sound structures and the need to reduce the negative environmental impact of the so-called ‘green economy’. However, it is not just these factors that have led to the exponential growth of bamboo, but also the development in the knowledge base of bamboo growing experts and bamboo fabricators.

It is these people that understand what it takes to grow a sustainable, organic, bio-dynamic crop that can be turned into bamboo products for sale. This means that not only can you enjoy the benefits of sustainable living and treat the world around you the same, but also be able to have items such as clothing, bedding and Bamboo Toothbrush that you can buy from Bambooth that can help you save the world.

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One of the main issues facing us today is the problem of waste; this is especially relevant in terms of agricultural and other types of waste. credit: Banana Peel for Teeth Whitening Simply rub the inside of the peel on your teeth for a few minutes, rinse, and see your results. However, using biodegradable fibres such as bamboo means that a larger number of waste pieces are recycled, leaving a smaller amount to be land fill or left in the environment to damage the environment further. T

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