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How to prepare the essential oil of laurel and exploit its benefits

In preparing the laurel essential oil should not be missing a vital ingredient: patience, because once the ingredients are ready, you will have to wait 40 days for the maceration occurs.

The essential oil of laurel is a precious ally that is worth always keep on hand. To it are attributed antiseptic, antibiotic, analgesic … It gives off a pleasant fragrance and you can use it for cosmetic purposes or to relieve everyday aches requiring help from the natural medicine.

Today we wish to encourage you to prepare your homemade essential oil of bay, so you save money and you always have at hand a multipurpose treatment ancient origin.

For the Greeks and the Romans, the laurel was the plant of victory and today we would like to make available to you the secret of this special remedy offered directly by the gods.

We are sure that there will be a big help!

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5 fantastic benefits of the essential oil of bay

We have already spoken of laurel properties, can promote relaxation in states of stress and instill feelings of calm and peace in mind and body.

Another thing that certainly we all know about this plant is its ability to sublimely enhance the flavor of our dishes.

Give a wonderful taste to meats, roasts and some sauces. What we perhaps are not aware of is the essential oil therapeutic power that is derived.

Here we will explain …

It promotes muscle relaxation

The essential oil of laurel is, above all, a powerful sedative muscle. Its vasoconstrictive action favors both the contraction of both the relaxation of the nervous stimulus, as well as act as a regulator for blood circulation.

  • It is very useful in case of headache and migraine.
  • For pains in the neck or shoulders, a massage with essential oil drilled at these points is surprisingly effective in relieving tension.

Lowers fever

In case of flu or cold, do not hesitate to breathe suffusion base of essential oil of laurel, or to apply it in the form of ointment on the chest.

  • The essential oil of bay will help reduce the chances of contracting infections associated with colds.
  • It also regulates the body temperature in case of fever and promotes sweating in order to eliminate toxins.

It is a good antibiotic

It’ll be pleased to know that the essential oil of bay has great antibiotic properties, which can help inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and microbes.

You can use it to disinfect minor wounds, burns or superficial lesions.

It has no contraindications and can be very useful to keep and use as a remedy promptly small accidents that happen often to children.

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It is a good ally of the skin

It is an oil rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, all fundamental virtues to ensure the health and care of the skin.

And it must certainly not forget that, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, is ideal for keeping your skin clean and free of toxins that damage the skin and cause it to premature aging.

It promotes hair growth

From the benefits listed above it can be deduced what positive effects it can have the essential oil application hair laurel. It, in fact:

  • It acts as a natural remedy to eliminate dandruff.
  • It improves the health of the scalp and stimulates the growth of the hair at the root.

Another useful application is undoubtedly the classic, so terrific this oil has always been used over the years: that is, as a remedy against lice.

How to prepare the essential oil of bay leaves?

What you need?

  • 1 ½ spoonful of laurel leaves (15 g)
  • 1 glass of sweet almond oil (200 g)


1 jar or glass jar with 200 ml of capacity


You will be surprised by the ease in the preparation of this essential oil.

Surely you must equip yourself with an ingredient on the list we have not mentioned: patience. Once prepared, they must pass 40 days because the essential oil is maceri and is ready for use.

  • The first thing to do is wash the jar or glass jar.
  • After that, you have to enter the bay leaves, making sure they are well cleaned and have no traces of dust or other plants.
  • Next, pour the almond oil in the jar.
  • Close it tightly and wait for 40 days.

Arm yourself with patience and you will get a unique essential oil!

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