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From training to bar

Arrived on Friday and after an intense and exhausting work week over one thinks about drinks with friends to relax and enjoy the holidays. But drinking alcohol after training is not a good idea, break your workout by both you strive and hinders your recovery and performance. Alcohol and sport do not mix.

When Friday comes and glimpse the weekend and tend to break routines and corsets involving daily obligations. At this time a drink with friends or party on a Saturday night may serve to relax and unwind from work. But if this involves alcohol intake will impact on our physical condition to return to daily training and alter the delicate balance of our body. A recent study from the University of Granada ( UGR ) stated that moderate beer drinking so after training did not influence the performance and recovery of the athlete and could even help hydrate you more. But the truth is that it is best precaution and not take any alcohol .

The post-training hours are crucial to mark our recovery and physical conditions that will face our sports routine again. So we must drink enough fluids to restore lost moisture from sweating, take carbohydrates to renew muscle glycogen and protein to strengthen muscles. A group of experts Australian nutritionists has conducted a recent experiment with young athletes. The study reproduced many regular training sessions after which some of them were administered protein and alcohol, other alcohol and other carbohydrates and proteins only.

The study showed that alcohol intake and protein does not affect demand for the muscles but in the amount of protein that the body is capable of giving so alcohol negatively affects their recovery . The amount of alcohol provided was the equivalent of five cans of beer to a weight of 80 kilos.

Alcohol intake in post-exertion hours also interferes with the quantity and quality of rest . Sleeping hours are shorter and the body does not reach a normal state of relaxation. Also negatively affect hydration, alcohol severely dehydrated the body with the importance of a balanced fluids have to face the daily training. The feed intake and times is also altered. For these reasons it is highly recommended not to associate alcohol fun and find our own alternatives.

Remember that alcohol is considered a toxic product for the organism, has no nutritional intake and negatively affects our physical state, so their intake should be moderate and its effects properly corrected if we want to see our daily sports effort spoiled. The cups after training are not a good plan.

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