The best exercises for biceps: The training to follow

A series of exercises for biceps to do both at home and in the gym to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the arms with specific and personalized workouts. Expert advice on exercises for the arms to perform to strengthen the biceps

Today we see what the best biceps exercises can be, the workout to be followed both at home and in the gym to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the arms through a series of specific activities. Thanks to the advice and suggestions of the experts we can illustrate biceps exercises to do with dumbbells or free body increasing the muscle mass of the upper limbs: the important thing is to focus on the execution, since it is preferable to use a light weight by performing a correct exercise rather than risk getting hurt by letting yourself be taken away from your ego by using excessive weights that can be counterproductive.

 exercises for bicepsFree body exercises for biceps

The best possible exercises for the biceps are the tractions at the bar, turning out to be the most effective method to develop brachial biceps, particularly complicated muscles to isolate, and without necessarily having to resort to weights. Training the biceps free body is not easy because it is difficult to isolate them without the use of tools such as dumbbells, but the tractions performed correctly work well for the purpose: to perform the exercises correctly the bar must be gripped with the nails pointing towards you, with the thumbs in opposition, and after descending to the starting position you have to stand up on foot together until you reach the bar with your chin, or with your chest, depending on how much you have trained, and then descend again. In addition, by inverting the handle to the back of the palms, the same training is transformed into excellent example of free-body triceps exercises.

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Exercises for biceps with dumbbells

There are different exercises for biceps with dumbbells that you can perform to strengthen these muscles in specific, starting from the dumbbell curls sitting on the incline bench, focused on the relationship between tension and muscle tension, which stimulates muscle growth, especially the long head of the biceps. The bench should be adjusted to a maximum angle of 45 degrees, as using a lower angle increases the risk of injury and possible inflammation of the tendon. Other exercises to do arms are the supine dumbbell curls, where to hold the elbow up means to rotate the palm of the hand upwards: to do this, the angle between the forearm and the biceps must reach 90 degrees, and to be certain of the correct position the little finger must be wrapped around the handlebar and rotated outwards as much as possible.

The concentrated curl is a great workout for the long head of the biceps, but you have to pay attention to its proper position of the elbow, which must be placed inside the thigh and not above, a mistake that many athletes. The last recommended biceps exercise is the classic barbell curl, which actually involves other muscles and is a good example of triceps exercises and shoulder exercises. It is therefore excellent to increase muscle mass : the secret to performing the exercise correctly is to maintain a stable position of the feet keeping the abdomen contracted, pushing the weight with the legs instead of the torso, and at the same time avoiding the barbell going banging on the quadriceps.

The exercises at home to increase biceps

For those who do not have much time to devote to the gym, exercises at home to increase biceps are an excellent solution: fitness experts recommend the concentrated curl, considered one of the quickest and most effective ways to develop biceps, isolating him from the rest of the muscular system allowing to work specifically on muscle development. This arm exercise is comfortable to do at home, but for those who can alternatively we also recommend the tractions to the bar, which allow you to express greater strength than the curl working simultaneously on multiple muscle groups, while the classic bends are excellent back exercises and for the triceps, but they are not the most appropriate for biceps training.

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