6 Important Advice for Men with Curly Hair

Curly hair is a look that many guys love, but it can also be tricky to manage. It is possible to tame the mane with the proper care and styling products.

But if you need help deciding where to start, we’ve put together some of our best curly hair tips and styles for guys. These will help you define your curls and get the look you’ve always wanted!

Know Your Styling Products

Curly hair has a very different structure than straight hair, so you’ll need various styling products to help define your curls and keep them looking their best. Luckily, there are many options on how to take care of curly hair men, including gels, mousses, and serums.

The key is choosing products that will not strip your curls of the moisture they already have. Avoid ingredients like sulfates and alcohol, which can dry out the hair even more.

Know Your Curls

If you’re a guy with curly hair, you are aware of the challenges in maintaining the healthiest appearance for your hair. That’s why it’s essential to know your curls and select the right products.

An easy way to identify your curl type is by looking at your locks after they’ve been washed and conditioned. If they bend in an S shape, you’ve got wavy hair; if they form a corkscrew shape, you have tight oily hair.

You can use our curly hair types guide to match your hair with the correct category. Once you have the hang of it, you’ll be able to avoid products that won’t work for your particular curls.

Know Your Hair Length

The quickest way to determine the exact length of your hair is by using a soft tape measure. You can also use a ruler and take comparison shots to get an idea of how your hair progresses.

The length of your hair often depends on your face shape and height. It can also be affected by texture.

Generally, straight hair looks its actual length, whereas wavy or curly locks will appear almost two inches shorter. This is because the strands lose some of their lengths in twists and curls.

Know Your Hair Type

Identifying your hair type is the most critical first step in getting and keeping your mane healthy and happy. It also makes finding and using products that suit your particular needs easier.

Each hair type has a specific texture, determined by how the individual strands of your hair are shaped and textured when it’s dry. You can tell if you have a fine, medium or thick texture by rolling a single strand of hair between your fingers.

Know Your Tools

Curly hair is more challenging to style than straight hair and many guys who have it get overwhelmed. To make your life easier, we’ve compiled this list of the top curly hair tips and tricks for guys.

For starters, a wide tooth comb is the best hair tool for a guy with curly hair. This will help you detangle your strands without breaking them.

Know Your Hair Care Routine

You need to know your routine regarding styling and caring for your curly hair. The right products and tools can make a world of difference to your look, but what you do with your hair daily can significantly impact how it looks and feels.

For starters, men with curly hair need to know how often they should wash their hair. Unlike wavy hair, curly locks are usually dried, so cleaning them too frequently can strip away the natural oils that keep them hydrated and looking healthy.

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