Time to Find a Family Dentist in London?

Dentistry is an often overlooked branch of medicine simply because most dental work is preventative. People have a tendency to only go to the doctor when they are sick, but it is extremely irresponsible to only go to the dentist when a noticeable problem arises. Oftentimes, when the patient begins to feel extreme pain and decides they need to see a dentist it is too late to effectively treat the problem. These patients who do not routinely practice good hygiene and visit a dentist may end up: losing their teeth, parts of their jaw, having tooth infections, or even dying from an infection that has spread to the brain.

Below is a list of some of the reasons why it is important to find a quality dentist near you.


Most people who visit the dentist (London Ontario dentists being no exception) are diagnosed with gum disease, which causes gums to become incredibly sensitive and bleed from flossing or brushing. Since most people are not aware of the signs of gum disease, they don’t know what to look for or that they might have it: it is often only through a visit to their dentist that gum disease is diagnosed and can therefore be properly cared for and treated. Gum disease should be treated as early as possible since failure to do so may lead to periodontal disease, which is a form of gum disease that requires a lot of comprehensive, expensive treatment. The most common gum disease treatments are flossing daily to remove food elements from the mouth, and the use of a mouth antiseptic. More about gum disease and treatment in can be found here.

Time to Find a Family Dentist in London

Cosmetic dentistry, otherwise known as aesthetic dentistry, is a form of dental work that improves the appearance (rather than function) of an individual’s teeth. This form of dentistry improves the color, shape, size, alignment and the smile of any individual who has it and can drastically improve that individual’s confidence. The Smile Dental Centre, located in London Ontario, has some of the best cosmetic dentistry specialists in the region. Tooth whitening is the most common and least expensive form of cosmetic dentistry requested, which removes stains from an individual’s teeth. For more information on tooth whitening in London Ontario, visit Smartsmile.ca/services/smilecare/whitening/. Other forms of cosmetic dentistry include use of veneers or braces. Veneers improve the overall look of a person’s teeth, whereas braces straighten and align teeth in the mouth so that they are evenly spaced.

People who have sensitive teeth should seek the advice of a London Ontario dental clinic right away, as tooth sensitivity could be a sign of a more problematic oral problem. Teeth sensitivity is usually due to: worn tooth enamel, tooth decay, a broken tooth, gum recession, acidic foods eroding the teeth, and/or tooth grinding. In order to treat and potentially prevent tooth sensitivity in the future, you must first get a proper diagnosis by a qualified dentist. Some of the treatments they may prescribe include: fluoride gel to strengthen the tooth enamel or the use of approved toothpaste, used regularly. Colgate’s website offers a guideline on some of the signs and symptoms of sensitive teeth such as feeling pain in one’s teeth after drinking hot, cold, or sweet drinks.

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