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Three ways to style a hoodie

Everyone needs a hoodie in their wardrobe. They can be stylish and comfortable in equal measure. Whether you wear it to the gym or as part of your casual wear staples, styling them appropriately is key. Men’s fashions are moving away from the street style that has prevailed over recent years, and smarter styles are on the increase. This season’s hoodies can bridge the gap if you style them correctly.

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Keeping things simple is one of the most important rules. Opt out of bold patterns and instead choose neutral or monochrome colours. They will go with everything. Check out our range of Lyle & Scott hoodies to find one you can dress up or down.

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Dressing up

A hoodie is fundamentally a casual piece but layered with a smarter coat or jacket can elevate it to a smarter look. We’re thinking one of the Lyle and Scott hoodies with a leather jacket, or for a look that’s very of this season, choose a velvet jacket in a dark neutral colour. Skinny jeans and trainers or Chelsea boots, complete the current look.


Layering is also important for more casual styles, though your top layer is more likely to be a denim jacket. With a casual hoodie outfit, we recommend mixing up the colours a bit between pieces, but keeping the same tones. Don’t mix bolds with lights. You want each piece to look part of the outfit, so blue jeans with a black denim jacket – both neutrals – will work with any colour of hoodie. It’s a classic look that works all year round, and the denim jacket can be replaced with a fur-lined bomber jacket for cooler weather. Where can get Dutasteride and how to do it safely? Now the stock affordable from the Web is in reality myriad. No doubts in these latter days many Americans are choosing to order pharmaceutical drugs and other medical products online. buy Dutasteride If you suffer from any health condition, then appropriate medication can be used to treat the problem. Typically, medicaments vary in effectiveness. Studies show that certain drugs are multifarious, and they are getting more harmful every day.

The original hoodie outfit is very casual, but to avoid looking like you’ve been having a very chilled day on your sofa, be deliberate about what you put with your hoodie. There is nothing wrong with wearing leisurewear but if you’re after a high-end look, leave the joggers at home now.

For more suggestions on how to wear your Lyle & Scott hoodies with style, check out the tips from Esquire.

Make sure your trainers look clean and are not the ones you wear at the gym, steer clear of the performance sportswear fabrics, and you’ll have the latest way to wear a hoodie pinned down with your block colours.

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