Signs and Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Men

Any man who is sexually active or about to become active with a new partner should get tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Your doctor may use the term STD or STI when talking about conditions like HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis and genital warts. Even if you think that you are safe, you must get tested on a regular basis and before engaging in sexual intercourse with a new partner. Before getting tested, you may look at some common symptoms to determine if you experience any of those symptoms.

Common Symptoms

The common symptoms of STDs and STIs vary based on the condition itself. Those with gonorrhea often experience bloody or cloudy urine, an itchy sensation around the anus and inflammation in the testicles. If you have chlamydia, you may experience pain while urinating, have pain in the testicles and feel stomach pain or discomfort. HIV patients may experience some flu-like symptoms, including a low grade fever and swollen glands. Any type you experience any changes in urination, including going to the bathroom more frequently or changes in the color of your urine, talk with a doctor.

How to Get Tested

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases and infections is as easy as finding a testing center in your area. Some testing centers also function as hospitals and can provide you with the medications that you need. For example, integrative medicine doctors Los Angeles offices may prescribe a medication that begins treating your symptoms before the test results come back. The tests the doctor uses often depend on your symptoms. Doctors may take a blood or urine sample, do a pelvic exam or take a sample from inside your penis.

How Long it Takes

Most doctors who offer STD testing make the process as easy as possible. You can often meet with the doctor, give your samples and get out in an hour or less. The amount of time it takes for your test results to come back in varies. Doctors may have some results within 24 to 48 hours. If you take an HIV test, the doctor will require that you make an appointment to go over your test results in person. As most STDs do not come with any identifiable symptoms in men, it’s important that you get tested regularly and before beginning sexual activity with any new partner.

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