Safety Tips For Maintaining Your Plant Tanks

Many plants and other companies hire the help of a silo fabrication company such as the one found at These types of tanks can be very useful. However, there are certain aspects of cleaning them that must be taken into consideration to stay safe and free of hazards. Below are some great tips for maintaining your tanks while keeping your workers safe.


Generally, it is ideal that tank cleanings only be done after planning sessions when plant managers are able to plan accordingly for all possible risks involved. The planning of tank cleanings should also include getting any necessary permits to execute these cleanings properly according to legal safety measures.


Only trained professionals who have industry specific knowledge and experience should perform the cleanings. Any employee not trained or without experience on cleaning your tanks should ever attempt to do so. They could risk the leak of hazardous materials or even get injured.


The use of Personal Protective Equipment is necessary to keep employees safe while cleaning the tanks. Ensuring those cleaning tanks are wearing the appropriate PPR could be the difference between staying safe and avoiding a catastrophe.


Before a tank gets cleaned, it is imperative that all trained employees check to ensure all manholes, valves and other components of the tank are completely shut off, closed, opened or otherwise attended to appropriately.

Safety Equipment

Along with the proper safety gear, anyone cleaning the tanks should also have the appropriate safety equipment as well. Some equipment that should never be forgotten includes oxygen detectors, calibrated gas detectors, safety harnesses and emergency kits for if an event does arise.
It is not recommended to slack on keeping your tanks clean. Neglecting to keep them properly cleaned and maintained can be very detrimental to everyone’s safety. However, cleaning a tank without taking the proper safety measures can be even more dangerous. Always consider working with a professional and experienced cleaning team to keep your plant and employees safer and your tanks clean and maintained in the manner they should be.

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